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March, 2012:

A Trashy in Paris, deuxieme partie…

Dreams that Stephen Harper has…


Trashy à Paris…

… première journée.

‘Nuff said…



On the tarmac…


… In Montreal… on our way to Paris…


Gettin’ outta Dodge…

… while the gettin’ is good…

Trashy’s World will be going back to travel mode for the next week as I’m off to Paris later today. I’ll post pics and snippets when I get a chance to do so.

Yeah, I’ll be missing the BUDGET FROM HELL!!! And that’s a good thing, in my books. The tension in this City will be overwhelming.

Besides, I’m sure that a few folks will text me to let me know wassup. And the devil will truly be in the details of this sucka and I suspect that these won’t be known ’till long after I return from my trip!

Happy BUDGET FROM HELL Day everyone!


Things that make you go hmmmm….

It has been confirmed that there was a deliberate hack attack at NDP convention which resulted in on-line voting problems.

Question for someone who is far more technically adept than I: is this something that could be done by anyone with the right skills and knowledge? Or would it require a non-trivial amount of resources to pull it off?



NDP race…

... can Cullen pull this off?

He’s definitely in contention… going to be an interesting 2nd ballot result.


Friday miscellany…

… complete with Dippers, Lisa Raitt, Ashley (boo-yaa) Madison!

And fish trafficking too!


The NDP leadership convention is this weekend and NDPers from across the nation are flocking to the land of the Toronto Blue Jays (used to be the Leafs) to choose and bless the leader to replace Mr. Jack Layton.

How will they choose? Will they stay the course and keep to their socialist roots? Or will they be more pragmatic than this and pick someone who promised to broaden their appeal to all Canadians by moving toward the centre of the spectrum?

Nick Nanos notes the following:

The fine line this weekend for the NDP will be for the policy driven party members to select the type of leader Canadians expect, while at the same time delivering on populist appeal. Likewise, for fair-weather political junkies (i.e., the majority of Canadians), they will likely tune in to see how well the leadership process is run by the NDP and also whether the winner measures up. Both are key signals that will drive the intermediate term fortunes of the NDP.

Personally, I’d like to see Nathan Cullen take the helm – if for no other reason than the fact that he has endorsed riding-level cooperation among the progressive parties; which is, of course, the only way that this country will rid itself of the disease called Harperitis.

And he has really nice teeth.

As for an outright merger? I don’t think any one of the leadership candidates has the balls to make the changes needed (e.g., remove the whole “socialist-thing” from the party Constitution) to facilitate the marriage. But it will, and must, happen at some point.


So, if I, say, booed or clapped sarcastically at a certain Treasury Board President if I saw him in the lobby of my building, would I be suspended?

I do not condone wildcat strikes, but it seems that a few Air Canada employees were suspended because they “clapped sarcastically” as Lisa “Back-to-work” Raitt picked up her luggage at Pearson Airport (soon to be renamed “Manning Airport” by the Politburo). And in protest, a num,ber of ground workers walked off the job, illegally.

Again, I don’t agree with illegal strikes, but I also don’t agree that the workers, if the story is accurate, should have been suspended. We all have an enshrined freedom to express our opinions and they were simply exercising that freedom. I would have done something similar in the same situation.


Ottawa. City of cheaters. At least according to Ashley Madison. You know, that organisation whose sole aim is to make cheating on your partner just a little easier? Those guys.

OTTAWA — Ottawa is the most “cheater-friendly” city in Canada, according to an infidelity website that allows would-be adulterers to hook up.

According to figured collected by, which has 37,800 members in Ottawa and the surrounding area, 3.87 per cent of residents in the capital area have accessed the website’s services at least once. founder and CEO Noel Biderman is not surprised Ottawa topped the list. It makes sense that Ottawa would have the highest per capita users, he says.

“Compared to the rest of Canada, I don’t know that Ottawa is boring. It’s a place for international people to come and go. There have even been spy scandals.”

Spy scandals?
Well, at least the city and the current membership of the Politburo have something very much in common: a complete disdain for ethical behaviour!



And, I mean, I know it’s The Star, but isn’t this just the laziest article you’ve ever read?

ABERDEEN TOWNSHIP, N.J.—More than 900 students at a New Jersey middle school have been told no more hugging.

The district says Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School Principal Tyler Blackmore made an announcement that students were in a “no hugging school” following some “incidents of unsuitable, physical interactions.”

School Superintendent David Healy says the district has the responsibility to teach children about appropriate interactions.

The superintendent says despite the rule, students who hug will not be suspended.

The superintendent says he believes the principal acted responsibly.

Students range in ages from 11 to 14 in grades six to eight.

Was it “bring your kid to work” day and the Star staff gave the job to a 10 year old?


Red meat makes people happy… well, duh!


Finally, fish trafficking – don’t be drawn into the whirlpool of self-destruction!

h/t to Christina for pointing out this gem!



… of COURSE he won’t step down.

Are we not yet used to how low these criminals can fall?

No pride. No honour. For the CPC, pride and honour are signs of weakness.







Say it ain’t so! A CPC Cabinet Minister caught doing something UNETHICAL!!!!

Wow. That’s about as shocking as finding out Don Cherry isn’t a vegan!

Sheesh, why does the MSM even bother to cover this stuff anymore? The Cons will just blame the Liberals, or extremists, or socialists, or aliens… etc.





My debate teacher told us that…

ad hominem attacks were cowardly and used only by those of inferior intellect. And I agree.

Yet the CPC doesn’t see it this way. Politics over policy. Attacks over debate. Accusations over cooperation. It’s the Stephen Harper Way.

Daniel Veniez penned a good article in iPolitics about the latest series of cowardly attack ads on Bob Rae.

Mr. Harper has taken Canada down an ugly path of gradual incrementalist polarization, division, cynicism, and subterfuge. I am deeply embarrassed and ashamed that such an amoral and unethical character could sit in the chair of the most important office in the land. He does not deserve the respect his office commands. Why? Because this sinister attack is only the latest in a very long string of flagrantly debasing drive-by hits, destructive and cynical policy, and immoral conduct by this small man and his smaller coterie of taxpayer-funded cheap shot artists and assassins.

This criticism is not aimed at the vast majority of Conservative Party members. They are good and decent people. I know they are horrified with how Stephen Harper has perverted the basic values of the old Reform and Progressive Conservative parties.

Robert Stanfield, Joe Clark, Brian Mulroney and Kim Campbell would never sanction – much less stomach – Stephen Harper’s actions and the ugly politics he personifies.

My favourite quote : “Stephen Harper is the Todd Bertuzzi of Canadian politics.” Good one!

Majority Government. No election in sight for years. And still they practice the politics of cynicism and fear…