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Happy Pink Shirt Day!!!!!

Wear pink! Show the world that you think that bullying SUCKS!

The Canterbury Community Association is pleased to announce….PINK SHIRT DAY– Anti Bullying Day – February 29th 2012.

DID YOU KNOW that the last Wednesday of February is known as Anti-Bullying Day in Canada and it is also known as “Pink Shirt Day“. This movement was started 5 years ago, in B.C, when 2 young boys and their friends took a stand against bullying by distributing pink shirts in support of a grade 9 student who was being bullied. Since then, the PINK SHIRT movement has grown throughout Canada, and we are standing united with the children of the Canterbury Community Association  After School Program to say BULLYING STOPS HERE!

The CCA After School Program serves over 100 children from area schools in the Alta Vista ward and has become a much sought after option for many area families seeking after school care for their kids. Pink Shirt day will serve to commemorate the children’s efforts towards maintaining a safe and friendly environment and further solidify their engagement in taking a stand against bullying.We want to invite you to join the movement with your team by promoting PINK SHIRT DAY to your colleagues and friends and wearing PINK on February 29th to take a stand against bullying.

Our Pink Shirt Day Festivities include; a visit from special guest Graham Richardson from CTV News Ottawa who will speak to the children about bullying. We are still seeking sponsors from the community to help us with crafts, peanut-free snacks and drinks for the kids. We will also plan to have meaningful activities and resources for the kids and their parents. Participants will be invited to sign the “Bullying Stops Here” banner in the main hallway; as a symbol of our unity and dedication towards positive relationships and taking a stand against bullying.

Many thanks to my fellow CCA Exec member, Jolyne, who has spearheaded this important event!


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  1. Dave says:

    I’d change into pink but I’m afraid I’d become as wussy as all these whiners who can’t stand a little bullying without the world running to “protect” them. I shudder to think what’s going to happen when someone nasty crosses paths with them sometime in their lives and mommy, daddy, teacher, and the armies of pink clad supporters aren’t there to hold their hnd and dry their little tears for them.

  2. sassy says:

    Thanks for the reminder, I’m about to go change – into pink 🙂

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