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I’m hearing this a lot…

… from conservative friends.

A lot.

Just like during the Adscam years when I was hearing much of the same from Grits. The CPC is at an all-time moral low and is starting to shed some formerly loyal members. This will hurt them in the long run.

A few months ago I was a card carrying Conservative, serving as a director on both the Guelph and Kitchener-Center Conservative electoral district association boards. I succeeded Michael Sona as president of the University of Guelph Campus Conservatives and I can tell you I deeply regret all the work I have done for the Conservative Party of Canada.

They have gone against Canadian values and have made a joke out of our democracy. I believed I was working for a cause to bring greater accountability, transparency and respect for the taxpayer; the result was just the opposite.

Canada is a great nation, built by a people who value hard work, taking responsibility for one’s actions and above all honesty. The government that sits in Ottawa values only power and cannibalizes its own in order to save face.

As someone who has seen what is talked about in the party, I can only say God help Canada in the next four years. Because it won’t be the country that veterans, like my grandfather fought so hard to protect.

Victor Pocaterra, Kitchener


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  1. Not a week goes by that doesn’t leave me saying “WTF??” and as you know, I am a Conservative at heart…

    But this government isn’t Conservative… it’s long ago left the Conservative fold and has morphed into Douchebagative. Even if they do a few things right once in a while, the whole package just makes me shake my head.

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