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February 23rd, 2012:

The Trashette and I…


… are most definitely allergic. Anaphylactic, in fact.


This arrived in my inbox today….

… through one of those “save-save-save!” sites…

What the frick would Aussies know about winter boots? I picture Australian winter boots as sandals with closed toes!


Weird news…

… that Neil Hope, aka “Wheels” has died – and has been dead for 5 years. 

Hope was a main character on Degrassi Junior High and later, Degrassi High. These were great ground-breaking Canadian TV series back in the 80’s.  The shows dealt with subjects that were taboo at the time, including teen pregnancy, homophobia and bullying – and it was a gritty and realistic presentation of teen life at the time.

Very strange that we are hearing about this just now – but I suppose the family had its reasons to keep it quiet for so long.