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So Satan is targeting the U.S….

… according to GOP candidate Rick Santorum…  that fount of all things that make me glad that I’m not an American! The guy who makes the entire Harper Cabinet look reasonably sane! The Evangelic moron who… well, you get the picture…

Now what else might be targeted by Mr. Evil… hmmm…

Satan is targeting my bus this morning. The brakes seem rough.

Satan is targeting the Leafs. It’s the only explanation for Reimer’s poor goaltending.

Satan is targeting Vic Toews. Or maybe it’s the other way around but Satan doesn’t know it!

Satan is targeting my knee. Damned sore meniscus today.

Satan is targeting the Rideau Canal. How else can you explain the short season?

Satan is targeting Greece! Duh!

Satan is targeting Syria – for real.

Satan is targeting Caterpillar – oh, wait – Satan is the CEO.

What else is preoccupying  the ol’ Dark One these days? Anybody?



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  1. MoS says:

    I think most of the credit, Dave, goes to a thoroughly corporatized media. Concentration of ownership and media cross-ownership have all but eliminated independent journalism, the myriad of voices essential for any robust, healthy democracy. The more concentrated a nation’s mass media, the more powerful media ownership becomes and the more it has to offer, by way of quid pro quo, to the political and corporate classes. At the same time, would-be independent journalists worried about keeping their jobs in steadily shrinking newsrooms, have powerful incentive to go along to get along.

    Canadians need not be smug about this. Cable companies like Shaw are now moving into the content providing side of television. A telecommunications giant like Bell is becoming even more powerful in content provision, or broadcasting. CanWest grew so massive that, here in British Columbia, it controlled every major daily and the lion’s share of most of the weekly rags. If you picked up a paper you were almost guaranteed to be getting but one point of view. It is no coincidence that their media outlets are taking an ongoing shift to the right for that’s the meeting point of political and information interests.

    I continually argue that democracy cannot be safe in Canada until we move forcefully to break up the media cartels. Only when the public has the broadest access to the most diverse viewpoints can it reclaim the power of informed decision and consent.

    1. trashee says:

      And that is the beauty of Facebook, Twitter et al. Independent thinking is everywhere. And that is why we have to ensure that Bill C 30 is NOT passed in its present form!

    2. While I agree, I do think we need legislation about truth in broadcast. It’s a good thing to have diverse opinion. It’s another thing to lie to people while purporting it to be truth.

      The media – all media – have a sort of position of authority. The people need to be protected from abuse of that authority. One such abuse would be misrepresenting the truth.

      If it’s not supportably and demonstrably true, then it should be presented as opinion only, and that status made very clear.

      Only then can people make a fair assessment of a plethora of opinion in media.

  2. It frightens me that those people have access to nuclear weapons.

    The world works hard to keep nukes out of the hands of crazy religious assholes, but the whole world forgot the biggest nest of crazy religious assholes when it comes to nukes.

    1. trashee says:

      “Currently we estimate that there are almost 8,000 active/operational nuclear warheads, with nearly 2,700 additional warheads kept in inactive status for a total of over 10,600 warheads in the stockpile (see table). In addition to these intact warheads, there are in storage at Pantex and Oak Ridge, respectively, approximately 5,000 plutonium pits and approximately the same number of canned subassemblies, i.e., thermonuclear secondaries, which are retained as a “strategic reserve.” There are another 7,000 pits at Pantex that have been declared excess from warheads dismantled during the first Bush and Clinton administrations. The more than 10,600 intact warheads, and the 5,000 “strategic reserve” pits, so far have not been included in the Bush administration plans for nuclear reductions. What will change is how they are categorized and counted.”
      Table of US Strategic Nuclear Forces, 2002

  3. MoS says:

    The timing is perfect – the centennial of the War of 1812! I have always argued that was the most important war in Canadian history for, by repelling American conquest, we were enabled to avoid becoming… Americans. That’s why I didn’t wind up in Vietnam and it’s why I don’t have to worry about some asshole named Santorum or Bachmann, Palin, Cain, Perry or Gingrich actually coming to power in my country. Hurrah for Crysler’s Farm and Queenston Heights and Lundy’s Lane.

  4. Dave says:

    You scoff but explain this, If Satan is not targeting the US how do you account for the fact that people like Santorum senator, Perry governor, Paul representative, Bachman representative, and Palin, governor, actually get/ got elected to high political office? This in a country that actually still has an education system that is almost working in most places.

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