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Another “can someone explain to me?”

This time, why did 8 OCDSB Trustees vote against instructing staff to clarify what is meant by religious accommodation?

Religious Practice in Schools


A. THAT staff be directed to prepare a report for the May 2012 Strategic Planning and Priorities Committee meeting detailing policy and procedure(s) currently in place which addresses the subject of religious services within schools, during school hours and ensure all schools adhere to applicable law; – THIS FAILED

I don’t get it. It was a simple request. No implications. Or are the 8 Trustees politically sensitive to what such a report might contain?

Trustee Fitzgerald – the sponsor of the motion – writes in today’s Citizen:

When we allow a minister, rabbi or imam into our schools to conduct religious services during the school day, we bring in the thin edge of a wedge. Other religions rightfully ask to hold religious services in our secular schools and this is precisely what happened at Toronto’s Valley Park Middle School. We may also find it increasingly difficult to say no to future requests for religious-based schools housed under the public board’s umbrella. If and when this comes to pass, say goodbye to the greatness of our secular public schools as parents flock to ensure that their children’s religious training is met during the school day.

I am sad that a fairly simple report could not be produced. I suppose I should say goodbye to the institution of the non-religious public school. Perhaps this is premature, but I would be far from alone in mourning its demise.

It is bad enough that we have a completely separate school system in this province existing side by side with the secular system.
A study. That’s all that was asked. A study.
I guess I’m just not smart enough to understand the subtleties of School Board politics.


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  1. neeroc says:

    Maybe they’d have to give up offering Gideon Bibles if that were the case –,%202005.pdf

    It’s funny that they claimed it was discontinued here,%202005.pdf and the next meeting says it’s at the principal’s discretion.

    Hmm, I wonder if they’ve come up with anything new in the past 7 years.

    1. trashee says:

      Well, how interesting is THAT?
      I wonder what the practice is in 2012… I think I’ll ask.

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