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February 13th, 2012:

On tragic stars…

… and award shows…

First of all, let me be clear that I’m not and never have been a fan of award shows. I see absolutely no value in watching a collection of incredibly wealthy and self-absorbed performers speak exultantly of themselves. I guess that, for me, award shows are like religion: I don’t “get it” and see no point in it.

So, I, of course, didn’t take in the Grammies last night. But throughout the day yesterday, Facebook and Twitter was all a-fluster about the death of Whitney Houston and how the Grammy Awards were adding a last-minute tribute to the singer. If there is one thing that the entertainment industry likes more than talking about themselves, it’s talking about one of their own who has recently passed away – preferably in a sad and tragic manner.

And I’m sure there was lots of love in the room. Lots of great words were uttered and sang. But really, could anyone truly be surprised about Houston’s death? I mean, even I, who does not follow celebrities at all, cannot help but glance at the tabloids at the grocery check outs to see her face plastered all over them periodically. It appears that she is yet another tragic figure to meet her untimely demise due to the excesses that are all too alluring when one has unlimited wealth and fame. And that is really too bad for her family and friends.

Free advice for her fans: forget about the circumstances of her death and focus on the music that she produced. I’m not a fan – not my taste in music – but certainly appreciate that she had a beautiful voice. Look at her how I look at Jim Morrison; forgetting about the stupidity of some of the things he did and remembering an unparalleled lyricist and his smooth vocals.