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Ontario PCs…

… give the Liberals another election victory!

Great news that the PC’s walking-talking campaign disaster has been given the nod to continue to “lead” the party... probably into another election!

Awesome! That is just about the best present that the Liberals could hope to receive! They get to trounce Hudak ONE MORE TIME…



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  1. Dave says:

    @ evolving squid. I guess some of us have evolved far enough to call it mean spirited if the cutting is overwhelmingly on the side of cutting the programmes that the poorest in our society need. Mean to cut schools, hospitals, pensions, day care, etc while bolstering prisons, military, oil pipelines, corporate tax cuts etc. But then I suppose some of us haven’t evolved as much as a squid

  2. Phil Collins says:

    Whenever someone goes on about “punishing success” in addition to referring to social programs as sacred cows, it’s a pretty good indication that they’ve bought into baseless decepti-Con talking points hook line and sinker. I’m not foolish enough to truly believe that any of the other parties will being significant positive change to Canada, but the Cons are objectively the worst of the lot based just on what they’ve done since “winning” the last election.

    We have the money, know how and resources to do incredible things in Canada, to take care of our population and lift people out of poverty. It’ll never happen though, because our political system is designed and corrupted further to enrich the livelihoods of the wealthiest few at the expense of everyone else. Sadder still, there’s a chunk of the population stupid, selfish and hateful enough to believe this is the way things should be.

    1. Whenever someone goes on about enriching the livelihoods of the wealthiest few at the expense of everyone else, I *KNOW* they’ve bought into old-school CCF rhetoric.

      I don’t believe we can ever lift people out of poverty in this country, in large part because there’s no desire to do so on anyone’s part, and in small part because no matter how much we raise the bottom, someone will be bitching and moaning that the bottom doesn’t equal the top and therefore some people are in poverty. Some people won’t be happy until everyone is poor. It’s like they want to live in Cuba of the North.

      Yes, the government punishes success. Every time someone takes something from you and gives it to me simply because I don’t have it, you are being punished simply because you have more, without regard to whether you earned it or whether I deserve it. Every time someone decides for you what you can afford to pay, you’re being punished for your success. The most successful Canadians tend to leave for other places… that’s a hint that success is being at least discouraged, if not punished. There’s a reason why so many rich Canadians live abroad, and I’m pretty sure it’s not to be closer to Lindsay Lohan.

      I think all Candians believe in a healthy social safety net. But there’s a pretty wide difference of opinion on what healthy is. There’s probably some baseline agreement on what social program are in everyone’s best interest. But beyond that, opinion diverges rapidly.

      From my perspective, if it doesn’t help you get off the social safety net, it’s probably not a healthy part of the social safety net. I’ve not seen how Canada’s social programs do much beyond supporting, no, promoting multi-generations of living on the dole. We’re happy to pay out welfare, but we won’t make able-bodied people work, nor make able-minded people get educated and trained so we don’t have to pay welfare. Of course, it’s a free country, which is why we don’t force people, but the root of poverty kind of thumbs its nose at freedom. Why can’t they get decent health care in the north? Because we won’t force doctors to go there. Not enough day care? Why aren’t we training more caretakers, and why aren’t we making people with children pay, with taxes and/or service? There’s lots of solution to poverty-related problems, but most of the solutions involve taking away freedoms.

      We’re happy to pay the medical expenses of someone who doesn’t have a job, but if you do, fuck you… drugs, dental, you’re on your own. If it causes you hardship, too bad. This makes it so if you can’t get an awesome job with a good benefits package, you might actually be better off on the dole. That’s WRONG.

      Unless you want to live in a communist society where everyone is poor, accept that fact that some people will be wealthier than others, and some people will be obscenely wealthy. How they get there, whether you call it hard work or exploitation is pretty much beside the point. But it’s as unreasonable to give them shit for seizing the opportunities presented to them as it is to not give shit to people who refuse to take the opportunities presented to them.

      Throwing other people’s money at a problem never, ever solved anything. Come up with a realistic plan, and I’m willing to wager people will *WANT* to pay for it. Until then, there’s a big element of arbitrarily declaring people rich and sticking it to them in order to shut other people up. That’s punishing success and rewarding failure.

      But if you’re prepared to do what’s necessary and start taking away freedoms to stamp out the social injustice, just say so. If not, offer a better plan. Otherwise, perhaps it’s time to examine the value of our social programs and stop funding those of dubious value.

  3. Dave says:

    I sure hope you are right about Hudak choking on another election. Maybe by then people will have wised up again to how mean spirited the Conservatives are in all their stripes, Im talking about you Stevie,. Steve might well cause enough damage with his majority that the population will once again learn you can’t cut costs without cutting services, and Mayor Ford In TO is already learning that the public and their elected officials can’t run roughshod over the population for long, but I’m less optimistic than you about our near future. These bozos got elected after all and Hudak himself swung his riding with ease.
    I’m not certain he is smart enough to stay away from the hot button social scene but Harper learned how to do that and now look at the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. Hudak might be able to keep himself quiet enough to win an election if they call one soon enough.

    1. I *WISH* the public would learn that you can’t cut costs without cutting services. A general lack of understanding of that fact among Canadians is the source of a lot of our tax and economic grief.

      Canadians want it all, don’t want to pay a dime and seem to think the government can magically make services appear.

      The McSquinty Liberals just want to tax the fuck out of us to cater to whatever unsustainable whims anyone might have. Frankly, I’ll take some mean-spirited cutting any day over that.

      And what is “mean-spirited” anyway? Is that cutting your pet program, but not your neighbour’s pet program? Certainly that’s what “mean-spirited” seems to mean when people call the conservatives mean.

      Personally, I think it’s mean-spirited when any government thinks it can do what it wants without thinking of the effects beyond the next election, regardless of political stripe. I think it’s mean-spirited to punish success and reward failure. I think it’s mean spirited when we treat some social programs like untouchable sacred cows when it is clear that they need a whole lot of cutting, new spending in different areas, and reorganization. I think it’s mean spirited that expectations are kept high, but nobody is interested in results that meet those expectations as long as there is an appearance of work being done.

      Don’t think for a second that the Harpers are any more mean-spirited than the Liberals or NDP. Any of them will use their political position to be mean-spirited to the majority who is not like-minded… and in our political system it will *ALWAYS* be the majority that is not like-minded barring some really weird, lopsided shift in Canadian political thinking.

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