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Classy move…

I might just go out and buy something from Mark’s Work Wearhouse this weekend!

Closing the plant had immediate political reverberations on Parliament Hill and at Queen’s Park.

Electro-Motive received $5 million in federal tax breaks announced on the factory floor by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2008. That was before the plant was sold to its current owners in 2010, prompting questions from the union as to whether there were any strings attached to the money.

“I don’t know how we can hand these guys money like that with no job guarantees. It’s unconscionable,” said Lewenza, who rushed to London to meet with workers Friday after being informed of the closure by a senior Caterpillar official.

In Ottawa, Liberal MP and human resources critic Rodger Cuzner criticized the government for allowing the plant to shut down and poked fun at Prime Minister Stephen Harper for personally handing out the tax incentives, which went to buyers of the company’s locomotives.

“I am looking at a picture of the Prime Minister in a locomotive down in London, Ont., and he is waving. He must be waving to the 450 employees that they just let go when they shut down the plant there,” Cuzner said in the Commons during question period.

End corporate welfare, Harper. End it now.


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