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January 31st, 2012:

Cousin in Tennessee…


… apparently shares the political satire genes with her northern kin!

Good one!

Gotta meet these relatives one day! I think it would be a blast!


Larry, Larry, Larry…

… you should never Tweet while drunk.

Our former mayor apologised yesterday (at the unveiling 0f his official portrait at City hall, no less) for Tweeting about “spics” while he was watching the GOP debate the other night.

From his Twitter account @Larry_OBrien1, O’Brien tweeted “#cnndebate The spics are getting way to much airtime!”

At a ceremony Monday evening in which his portrait was being unveiled at Ottawa City Hall, O’Brien admitted the tweet, which he later deleted, had come from him.

“That was obviously a tweet that was ill thought through and I did the mea culpa and certainly I regret it,” said O’Brien. “There is no excuses.”

“…is no exuses”? I hope that’s a typo!

And I’m serious about the Tweeting (or Facebooking or blogging) while impaired. Never, ever do it. But I can’t help but think that this is a possible explanation for the former Mayor’s behaviour. He should most definitely know better… he’s a pretty sharp guy.

I can picture the setting. Mayor Larry is sitting in his La-Z-Boy, watching the GOP debate on his 72 inch 3D LED TV, cradling his third tumbler of 30 yr old single malt on the table beside him. When, through that old single malt fog, he hears something in the debate that spurs him to pull out his Blackberry (I don’t see him as an iPhone kinda guy) and hurriedly pounds out his Tweet before he forgets the moment.

Can’t you picture it too?From the holy-crap-it-must-be-a-slow-news-day file…

On this very same CBC page is a story that we, as responsible and thinking citizens of the world should be on thew edges of our seats over!

Economic crisis in Europe? Petty issue!

Upcoming American election? Who cares?

Climate change? Meh.

The question that Canadians and others on this wee, blue planet are REALLY so fricking anxious to know the answer to is….


WTF is a Pippa??

Sigh. We. Are. Screwed.