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Who’s a bigger idiot than Tim Thomas?

Rob Ford! That’s who!

TORONTO – Mayor Rob Ford came out swinging at left-leaning councillors Tuesday.

“These people are all two steps left of Joe Stalin,” Ford told AM 640 host John Oakley in a radio interview.

Ford specifically referred to Councillors Adam Vaughan, Gord Perks, Janet Davis, Paula Fletcher and Josh Matlow when making the comment.

The good Mayor should research what Josef Stalin did during his reign and honestly assess whether these Councillors are comparable.


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  1. Dave says:

    I’m sure Ford knows personally of thousands of Torontonians killed by these councilors. No wait a minute that might be the result of some of his plans to gut social services in the quest to cut back on taxes.
    People relying o the services might be out on the street or their health and that of their children endangered. But after all it’s their own fault for being poor they should have become rich long ago if they wanted to be in Ford’s Toronto.

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