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Rink of dreams?


From the Mayor on Twitter:

@JimWatsonOttawa: Rink of Dreams looks amazing with sens and #ottcity logo – grand opening at 530 pm Wednesday night! Come by for a skate and hot chocolate!

I’m sorry, but I cannot be the only Ottawan who his scratching their head over the wisdom of the City spending a cool quarter million on an outdoor rink! The total costs have doubled but the Mayor assures us that the City won’t pick up the cost overrun.

The City of Ottawa says taxpayers aren’t on the hook for cost increases for the Rink of Dreams.

The cost has doubled from $1.2 million to $2.4 million because of engineering problems, including dealing with the soil in front of City Hall.

However, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said the city won’t be pitching in more than its $250,000 commitment, with the rest of the cost covered by the Sens Foundation.

Well, that’s super. But I still don’t get the need for this. Yes, the Canal is closed some of the time, but really, are we to believe that toursists will flock to City Hall to skate on artifical ice if the Canal is unavailable? No way. They want the Canal experience and aren’t going to be convinced into “pretending”.

I have thus far been pretty supportive of most Council decisions to this point. But this isn’t one of them.

And no, it isn’t because of that ugly logo in the middle 🙂





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