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Tim Thomas, that is. What a complete moron. Typical Bruin.

C’mon. even given my political leanings, I sure as hell wouldn’t decline the honour of a visit to the White House – even during Dubya’s tenure… doncha love dogmatism?


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  1. Any publicity is good publicity. In one shot, Thomas upstaged his team and even the President of the United States.

    Make no mistake, it was a calculated move to bolster his personal fame. My guess, he’s going to be looking for a trade or free agency soon? (am not sure of his current contract status)

    Apparently Thomas said it wasn’t about politics. I agree. It was pure self-interest.

  2. Dave says:

    The greatest advance in the history of politics is the concept of a “loyal” opposition. The idea that you can be opposed to the will of the crown and yet not be treasonous. In the modern US and more and more in Stevies Canada anyone who dares to differ is accused of treason and vilified. That this brainless idiot chooses this way to voice his opposition to President Obama is sad but understandable given the level of discourse we have seen. What can you expect when a member of congress heckles the president calling him a liar during the state of the union speech.

  3. PoorDeadNed says:

    I find it hard to understand the mentality of those who condemn Obama from the right. His Defense secretary and his central banker are reappointments of Bush the Second.

    That being said, I wouldn’t accept an “honour” from Obama myself. Just like the last ten US presidents, with the possible exception of Carter, Obama does whatever he is told by the Military establishment. There has never been an emptier suit.

    1. trashee says:

      I 100% agree re: the influence of the military industrial establishment on Presidents. And, with Harper, I would extend that assessment to Canada as well.

      Still, as Dave points out, one can oppose the govenment and its leader but still be respectful to the degree that an invitation to meet the Pres – or even the PM – would not be declined.

      Regardless of what I think of Harper’s policies or of the man himself, he is (ugh) the democratically elected leader of the party that received the most seats in the last election. And I have to (ugh) respect that.

  4. John Shipley says:

    I agree! It’s about respect for your teammates. He just put himself above his team and the game. He needs to take a lesson from all those players in Montreal over the years who knew better than to bring politics into it. No Win situation.

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