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January 13th, 2012:

Friday miscellany… post-vacation edition…

Barbados. Awesome place. Go and visit if ever you have the chance.


HAPPY 2012!!!! I’ll stick with these Friday everthing-but-the-kitchen-sink posts… they sem to get a lot of attention and are a good way to sum up the week.


Cute page here... not kitten-cute, but clever-cute… I especially like this:

Well, actually, it wasn’t so much that we put him (Harper) in charge as it is we failed not to.

We goofed. We took our stick off the ice. We pulled a real boner. For that we apologize.

But, hey. 2015 is just around the corner. Hopefully, we’ve learned our lesson, and we’ll do better next time.


So the Grits have their convention in town this weekend. I briefly considered a while back the possibility of getting more involved in the party and the convention… but, although it is my party of choice, I’ll watch from the sidelines until a leader is elected that sees the necessity of unifying all progressives in Canada under one banner.  Once that happens, I’ll re-engage federally. Until then, I’ll stick to the local scene.


Hey! There really is an app for everything! You gotta check out the link…

OhMiBod’s $0.99 Remote app comes with a set of preset vibrations, including Cresting Waves and Fire Alarm!

Yup. Fire Alarm!


Kinsella nailed it back during the election campaign when he predicted a lot of things that were slammed down by CPC supporters. But it seems now that he made some pretty accurate predictions… the crystal ball was working that day it seems.

When I wrote the column below, the federal election campaign was still underway.  Conservatives went apeshit when they read what I wrote.  They went nuts.  It didn’t just have chatroom troglodytes responding to it in the hundreds – it had conservative columnists responding to it, too, scrambling to show why I was wrong.  Lots of progressives tut-tutted me, too.  Oh, come now, Warren! Do you really believe that?

Well, now we’re just at the very start of the first full year of the Harper Majority, and I’m guessing all those geniuses who penned columns suggesting that Harper was still acting like he had a minority, he wouldn’t do any of that SoCon stuff, blah blah blah, are wishing they could hit a “recall” button.  This guy has a majority, gang, and he plans to use it.

Let’s see:

1. Abortion? Yep, they’ve got backbenchers busily trying to get rid of it.

Trashy’s note – see this article in the G & M. Yup, the Cons are using their backbenchers to introduce the idea of an “open debate”.

2. Gun control? As good as gone.  And many assault-style weapons are about to become legal.

Trashy’s note – Gun Registry is gone. And yes, the pro-gun lobby is ramping up efforts to loosen classifications of certain weapons

3. Equal marriage?  As of today, we learn, they’re going after it with the assistance of Department of Justice lawyers.

Trashy’s note -Yup. A back door way to get rid of this bothersome little law…

4. The death penalty?  That’s next.  Tragically, there’ll be some horrific murder or cop-killing sometime in the next few months, and they’ll use it as pretext to do what Harper has always said he favours.

Trashy’s note – Agreed. Harper is on the record on this.

You voted for these assholes, folks.  Don’t act so surprised when they start doing what they said they’d do.


A close friend of a colleague of mine passed away at a very young age leaving behind a young family. There is a silent auction being held with the proceeds going toward the family. If you have something to donate or wish to participate in the event, here is the Facebook link.


I don’t care if you call me a whiner. Winter sux.



A snowy…


…January Friday morning in O Town…