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In know I said that I would avoid posting things political…

… during my vacation. But I had to comment on this.

Quebec nationalists want the Habs to be more “French”. Gimme a break. Why don’t you look at the standings and figure out a way to win a few more games!

Look, I hate the Habs just as much as the next guy, but I do feel a little sorry for the majority of the fans who think that this whole Anglo-speaking coach thing is a bunch of merde

What this does tell me is that the nationalists are getting desperate and are looking for press wherever they can find it…


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  1. John Shipley says:

    Aside from you being a Leafs fan, I fully agree with you. I always say do you want the best coach out there or the best coach who happens to be bilingual? You narrow the field a lot.
    If Geoff Molson is at all smart he has to realize that the paying fans buying the tickets aren’t the ones protesting who they should just ignore them.

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