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It was a monster…

… but my skills as an angler prevailed!

I went deep-sea fishing for the first time the other day (strike another off The List) and brought Subunit #2 with me.

Armed with sunscreen, Gravol and an intense desire to land a fish – nay, a behemoth – that would stun the good citizens of Barbados and indeed the world! We talked of how tales would be told and songs sung in the highlands and in the lowlands of the mighty battle that would surely be engaged on this fateful day!

And engage we did! There was a hit on the line! I dutifully assumed the position in the chair, clasped the handle of the rod in both of my hands and began the fight!  I looked left and right now and then during the epic battle between man and beast and couldn’t help but notice that the Captain and First Mate seemed a bit nervous. Perhaps they momentarily considering that they would, in the end, need a bigger boat.

Here I am in mid-struggle… sweat pouring from my brow and arms aching!

After what seemed to be hours, the monster tuna was landed.  Bells rang from the mainstaff as it was hoisted aboard!

Praise be to the good Captain and crew for a productive day, my fellow fisherfolk on board and a special thanks to my dear daughter for wiping the sweat from my brow and taking the pics!

And here is the monster tuna in all its glory! Do not forget that the fish is actually still 10 feet from the boat… the apparent “smallness” of the monster is but an optical illusion.


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  1. neeroc says:

    Congrats on winning such an epic battle, I read your post and hear, ‘Call me Ishmael’ or perhaps, ‘He was an old man who fished alone…’ *g*

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