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January 4th, 2012:

Trashy in Barbados – deuxieme partie..

… and yeah, I’m late…

Well, bite me.  I have many, many , many other more important things to do aside from blogging!

Seriously. On a scale of 1 to 18, where would I fit on the loser scale if, while faced with a beauty surf and awesome temps, I instead chose to stay within WiFi range and blog.


Yeah. Easy.

So, right now I’m on the patio with the waves crashing below and a Merlot in hand. Kids in bed. I’m still somewhat coherent with some recollections to impart.

  1. Yesterday. Fishing. And not for bass. Awesome beyond awesome.  Addy came with me in her role as the “Official fisherperson of Alta Vista” and was impressive. 8 hours on the sea and not a word of complaint. She took it in and had fun. I think. Maybe when she is 16 and less eager to please she’ll tell me otherwise…Fish-wise? Meh. Had a blast and that is all that counts. My ol’ bud The Wagman arranged the trip and he couldn’t have landed a better experience. The few wee tuna that I pulled aboard with great effort (note – renew GoodLife membership) were shiny and scaly mini-thrills.But let us not mention the monster that the same Wagman let free after being firmly in hand… was likely a trophy… sigh… He will have to live with that… not I.
  2. The weather. Been told and have confirmed that this part of the globe is among the best for weather predictability. Warm. Dry. Predictable.

    Though after talking with more than a few Bajans, times are a changin’… promised not to bring up politics during my restful vacay away… but it seems though things are shifting… weather-wise.

  3. Due to human activity? Probably.
  4. The Bajan accent. Can’t understand a fricking thing they say. Maybe they were really telling me that all is the same as it was 50 years ago, re:  the weather! Who the hell knows… deaf as a doorknob and cannot pick up on this accent. First mate yesterday told me to move aside and I thought he was asking me to be his bride… scary.
  5. Waste management. I think they need a consultant to deal with their IC&I collection issues as well as an integrated waste management strategy. IF a rep of the Barbados government happens upon this post, contact me. I will work for patio chair rental licenses.

Tomorrow, Harrison Caves and Bert’s Bar to watch the *sigh* bronze medal match…



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