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January, 2012:

Cousin in Tennessee…


… apparently shares the political satire genes with her northern kin!

Good one!

Gotta meet these relatives one day! I think it would be a blast!


Larry, Larry, Larry…

… you should never Tweet while drunk.

Our former mayor apologised yesterday (at the unveiling 0f his official portrait at City hall, no less) for Tweeting about “spics” while he was watching the GOP debate the other night.

From his Twitter account @Larry_OBrien1, O’Brien tweeted “#cnndebate The spics are getting way to much airtime!”

At a ceremony Monday evening in which his portrait was being unveiled at Ottawa City Hall, O’Brien admitted the tweet, which he later deleted, had come from him.

“That was obviously a tweet that was ill thought through and I did the mea culpa and certainly I regret it,” said O’Brien. “There is no excuses.”

“…is no exuses”? I hope that’s a typo!

And I’m serious about the Tweeting (or Facebooking or blogging) while impaired. Never, ever do it. But I can’t help but think that this is a possible explanation for the former Mayor’s behaviour. He should most definitely know better… he’s a pretty sharp guy.

I can picture the setting. Mayor Larry is sitting in his La-Z-Boy, watching the GOP debate on his 72 inch 3D LED TV, cradling his third tumbler of 30 yr old single malt on the table beside him. When, through that old single malt fog, he hears something in the debate that spurs him to pull out his Blackberry (I don’t see him as an iPhone kinda guy) and hurriedly pounds out his Tweet before he forgets the moment.

Can’t you picture it too?From the holy-crap-it-must-be-a-slow-news-day file…

On this very same CBC page is a story that we, as responsible and thinking citizens of the world should be on thew edges of our seats over!

Economic crisis in Europe? Petty issue!

Upcoming American election? Who cares?

Climate change? Meh.

The question that Canadians and others on this wee, blue planet are REALLY so fricking anxious to know the answer to is….


WTF is a Pippa??

Sigh. We. Are. Screwed.



That wee glimmer in the east…


… at 6:25 am lightens my heart just a tad… the mornings are coming earlier!!


Yup, there are more than…

… a few Grit and Dipper lips smacking at the prospect of running against Harper on the issue of raising the retirement age to 67.

While some of Harper’s holy pronouncements in Davos are basically no-brainers (e.g., reforming the immigration system), bringing up the spectre of changing retirement rules mid-game is NOT going to be a winner for the Cons… nor do I think it  is a necessary can of worms to unscrew.

Generations – mine included – of currently living and working Canadians have made life decisions with the assumption that, at the age of 65, there would be a government allotment waiting for them that would make it possible to leave work and enjoy what was left of their years.

And Harper wants to change this.

I’m not going to super-overanalyze the whys or why-nots in this post…need to research the issue some more. But I will confidently say that opening up the retirement age question may be The Robot’s ONE BIG MISTAKE. Has he not looked at a current population pyramid.

Not let’s see what the Opposition does with this…


Friday miscellany…

So Harper is acting all smug and tough in Davos, isn’t he?

Although short on details, Mr. Harper’s speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday made clear the sweep of his ambition. He will change how Canadians finance their retirement. He will overhaul the immigration system. He will make oil and gas exports to Asia a “national priority” and aggressively pursue free trade in India and Europe.

Sigh. I agree with most of that but too bad no one in Davos is calling him on the G8 slush fund, the In and Out scandal, abandoning the environment to oil companies, corporate welfare enhancements, etc., etc.

Message to the Cons – the pendulum will swing back one day – and it will smack you right in the forehead!

It’s All Star weekend in Ottawa! So why aren’t I smitten? I dunno, but I guess I’m getting more cynical as I get older and see these things more as money-making circuses and less like celebrations of the game.

Am I becoming a curmudgeon?


Good to see that the OC Trashpo head, Alain Mercier has backed down from his “you’ll get GPS data when I say you can” stance -,albeit under enormous political pressure from both some Transit Commissioners (thank you Councillor Tierney!) and the public at large.


Hens in the backyard? Why not, as long as there are strict controls in place and enforced. I grew up on a hobby farm where we had fresh eggs every day. Nothing like them.

There is a movement building in O Town to convince Council into changing the City Bylaw that prohibits the keeping of backyard hens. Keeping hens in an urban setting is not exactly an unusual practice and provides food for a household and education for the little ones. If done properly, there is little noise and no smell.

Check out this link to see how a successful urban hen policy can work.


So, O Canada ranked 4th out of 6 national anthems examined in a British study…. in terms of sing-along-ablily, that is…

I’m not surprised at all… The ol’ Soviet National Anthem rocked… didn’t understand a freakin’ word, of course.


What many of us who ride OC Transpo every day…

… sometime dream of doing… 1



1. Disclaimer. Not that I would ever consider really blowing up public property… just sayin’…K?


This could have been….



Pink Shirt Day is coming…

… on February 29!

Support anti-bullying programs where ever you may be!


Who’s a bigger idiot than Tim Thomas?

Rob Ford! That’s who!

TORONTO – Mayor Rob Ford came out swinging at left-leaning councillors Tuesday.

“These people are all two steps left of Joe Stalin,” Ford told AM 640 host John Oakley in a radio interview.

Ford specifically referred to Councillors Adam Vaughan, Gord Perks, Janet Davis, Paula Fletcher and Josh Matlow when making the comment.

The good Mayor should research what Josef Stalin did during his reign and honestly assess whether these Councillors are comparable.


A follow-up to my post yesterday…

… about Tim Thomas being an idiot.

I don’t usually copy and paste an entire text, but this letter by former Chicago Bear Tim Wrightman is an example of how Thomas should have handled the Obama invitation.

Class. 100% Pure class.

I hope someone shows this to the Bruin Goalie…

Wrightman puts politics aside for White House reunion

October 06, 2011|By Fred Mitchell, Tribune reporter

Here is Wrightman’s message:

“Why I’m going to the White House: Out of all the players from the ’85 Bears arriving on October 7th, I would probably say I am the most conservative. I live in the reddest of red states (Idaho) and I make a living with guns (owner of Lazy Bear Ranch)…I am also not a fan of the policies of the current President; however this is a celebration for the achievement of a great football team not a political rally.

“I mean, did you really think it was appropriate for Marlon Brando to not accept the Oscar? I can differentiate between celebrating our team, the President and the Institution of the Presidency. Of course I played on the ‘smart side’ of the line of scrimmage. This is the Bears’ once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that has been given a second chance. Some people don’t realize our initial trip in 1986 was canceled because of the Challenger space shuttle accident. I think it was a classy thing for Obama to right the misfortune of our team. Besides, the White House is not President Obama’s house, it’s the people’s house.

“Some of my more notable teammates have stated various reasons they will not attend…and they have every right to have their own opinion and reasons for not going. ‘I’m not going because they didn’t invite our wives…’ Well, would you take the wife you had when we won or the newest one? ‘It was 25 years ago, let it go…’ Will you stop doing car commercials that say you were a Super Bowl Champ? And so what if it was 25 years ago …If winning the Super Bowl is so easy, how come the Bears haven’t won since?

“Further, I’m not so arrogant to think that by going to the White House people are going to believe I endorse the President. Nor do I believe my invitation will cause people to vote for President Obama just because I visited the White House. This is a great opportunity for me to see my fellow teammates one more time and as a conservative I never take myself out of the game. I always want an opportunity to discuss and to debate my positions. You never know whose mind you might change and decisions you may influence. Being together as a team and a country is the only way we can get through our current predicament… GO BEARS!”


Thanx to @ship1580 for pointing this out.