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I like my pic more…

And will be happy when this:

looks more like this:


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  1. Scrapping the LG registry was a top-notch idea. That’s a huge white elephant off the books, and actually will make it more difficult for future overactive government to hassle law-abiding people.

    Now let’s see them use the money they save to actually prevent some firearms crime… better border inspections to catch illegally smuggled weapons, longer sentences for people who commit crimes with guns, that sort of thing.

    The Libs brought the LG registry in to satisfy a populist, city-boy movement that had no grounds in reality.

  2. sassy says:

    Now, that is worth looking forward to, the heck with Christmas

  3. Dave says:

    I dislike the cons as much as every sane person should but it looks as if these are ads paid for by the conservative party which is not the same as wasting taxpayer money. Turning to the same sort of obfuscation and slanted reporting although certainly enjoyable and a given in their own strategy is not really the best way to defeat these neanderthals. Reasoned and spirited debate about what is actually happening will out them eventually. I remain convinced that the decency of most Canadians will come to the front if anyone in politics will start actually arguing that government spending and control of the economy is a positive thing.
    Blaming the cons for advertising their successes isn’t the way to defeat them.

    1. trashee says:

      Shit, Dave! Thanks for catching that! I did not see the text at the bottom.

      Post has been changed. I would most certainly NOT follow the path that is a fave of the Cons!

      I, unlike the Harperites, will admit when I have erred.

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