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December 19th, 2011:

I like my pic more…

And will be happy when this:

looks more like this:


Dear Leader – we hardly knew ya, and…

…I love how The New China Daily has covered the story.

Take this text announcing the death of Kim Jong-il…


Great mental and physical strain??? This dude was as loony as three dollar bill!

Meanwhile, over at The Onion:

PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA—In surprisingly candid remarks today following his father’s death, Kim Jong-un, heir apparent to North Korea’s highest government post, expressed doubt that he was sufficiently out of his mind to succeed longtime dictator Kim Jong-il.

While emphasizing that he was definitely completely insane and would likely become even more so as leader of North Korea, the younger Kim nevertheless wondered if he could ever be enough of a lunatic to truly replace the most unhinged dictator on the planet.

“Obviously, I know I was handpicked because I’m super crazy,” said Kim, the youngest of the late 69-year-old dictator’s four known children. “But my father was just so great at what he did. Did you know the people of North Korea heard his voice exactly once, for like five seconds? How nuts is that? Honestly, I look at stuff like that and I think, ‘Wow, there’s just no way I can ever top Dad.'”

But in all seriousness, these be twitchy times in that part of the world. No one can really know what kind of power struggles are taking place in this hermit nation. One thing is certain though – the one country who has considerable influence is China. And now is the time for China to step up to the plate and show the world that they are capable of being a world leader.

And has anyone noticed that all three of these guys died at the age of 69?