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December 9th, 2011:

Friday miscellany – robots, OC Transpo and the Leafs!

It’s about time the Board moved to do something about the negative image and messages that Christmas imparts!

Way to go Androgynous, Holiday-Neutral Robot! Long may you, uh, live…

Thanks to the O-dot for breaking this story…


So a UBC study has found that we atheists are as distrusted as, um, rapists (?)

The research, led by UBC psychology doctoral student Will Gervais, found distrust to be the central factor motivating antagonism toward atheists among the religious.

“Where there are religious majorities – that is, in most of the world – atheists are among the least trusted people,” Gervais said in a release.

“With more than half a billion atheists worldwide, this prejudice has the potential to affect a substantial number of people.”

Researchers believe the negative perception of atheists may stem from some people’s understanding of morality; a 2002 Pew poll suggests nearly half of Americans believe morality is impossible without belief in god.

Wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute here! Do people actually buy this? Seriously? You can’t have morals without believing in a deity?

I suspect that one of two things are happening here. Either, a) the study’s methodology is flawed somehow, or b) we are nowhere as evolved as we pretend to be.

But, unless this is refuted, maybe y’all should give me a wide berth… just in case… no morals, ya know…


So Canada will most definitely pull out of Kyoto – but not because of our backwards environmental policies, nope. There is a much better reason than simply refusing to acknowledge the obvious that we are dinosaurs when it comes to the environment.

Yup – we don’t like the meeting facilities in Durban.

Rumours were rife around Durban’s “International Conference Centre” today as it became apparent that Canada has expressed intention to pull out of the Kyoto Protocol having seen the state of the meeting facilities in the South African city. Already rattled by being told not to walk the streets after dark, the discovery that the delegation offices are in a bona fide underground car park was just too much for the reticent North American delegation. “I don’t care if they’ve put a carpet down and scattered a few pot plants”, said one senior delegate, “it’s still a f***ing parking lot. If that’s the best they can do then we’ve had it with Kyoto. We’re outta here”. On leaving they added “what’s more the wifi is rubbish. I can’t even facebook during KP plenaries”.

Meanwhile, all is happy and blonde back home as Michelle Rempel minds the shop for the “Environment” Minister.

Then, with surely her finest 30 seconds so far, she took aim at Justin Trudeau. “Mr. Speaker, I would like to remind my colleague opposite of a few things with regard to environment policy and energy policy. First, emissions increased in this country under their government, and a policy that he should be especially familiar with, the National Energy Policy, lost thousands of jobs across the country.”

The House erupted in noise. The Speaker called for order. Ms. Rempel added an Al Gore reference—”inconvenient truths”—for good measure.

She had looked serious in her interventions all afternoon, but back in her seat she beamed. She will probably be Foreign Affairs Minister by summer.

Oh goody. Another Con Cabinet Minister with little between the ears.



“MLSE teams are among the most popular major-league franchises in North America, iconic sports brands watched and loved by millions of fans across our nation. As Canada’s largest and most established communications company, Bell is proud to be part of this all-Canadian acquisition of a world leader in sports and entertainment,” said George Cope, President and CEO of Bell Canada and BCE in a statement.


OC Transpo! Get with the friggin’ program!!!!

Good to see Councillor Tim Tierney pushing the issue and forcing the transit authority to move quicker in its implementation of full system GPS coverage! Having real-time data will improve service and increase productivity all over Ottawa!  Think about it – if my bus is running ten minutes late, those are ten minutes that can be used in a more productive way than standing at the bus stop.


Manchester United and Manchester City – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!