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This shows quite clearly…

… how childish and petty the “Mayor” of Toronto can be!

Mayor Ford has no obligation to speak to or be interviewed by the Star. That is entirely his choice. However, when it comes to public press releases and public notifications from his office as mayor of all the people, that is another matter. That directly affects our ability to cover city hall and serve our readers.

Indeed, the Ford freeze recently went a step further. The mayor’s staff was holding a briefing on arts funding and other members of the city hall press gallery were told about it privately. In this case, they were also specifically asked not to tell the Star about it. In other words, the mayor’s staff was trying to use other journalists to enforce its freeze. Thankfully, they did not go along.

What’s next? An attampted expropriation of the CBC HQ on Front Street?

Grow up, act like a Mayor of a major city and less like the petulant Mayor of some rural backwater!


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  1. Dave says:

    All this carping and complaining about what a politician does or does not do is pointless. Ford, oafish and bumbling as he might seem has in fact realized that there is no such thing as a non campaign moment. The running fro office has now been moved to a 365,24,7 preoccupation. Those who expect a pol to stop running and start leading some time after an election just don’t quite get it yet. Every appearance and moment is just one more step towards the next election no matter how remote that election might be. Look to the states where for the last 11 months we have been breathlessly told about one after another Republican front runner while it is still 13 months to go before the election. Ford, like Harper, and Bush realizes that in the new age there is no such thing as a non campaign moment. When the left finally realizes this as well we can look forward to ever more bickering and ever less effort to actually do something in power other than assure reelection. Churchill was right a half a century ago, The trouble with democracy is you get the government you deserve. If the population is more interested in the dating habits of football players and the drug ingestion of stars of stage screen and sport than they are in who is profiting from our political system then the media will be pleased to serve up ever more pap for our consumption.

  2. Petty and childish? yep.

    But really, that article is saying “wah, we couldn’t scoop our competitors.” Frankly, it’s just as childish and petty.

    Would the Star have written that same article if they had been the ones told privately and the Sun had been left out? I doubt it.

  3. Chris says:

    Doesn’t he remind you of Chief Wiggum?

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