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December, 2011:

The view from our balcony…


Back to travel log mode…

… starting tomorrow!

As has been my custom when I travel, I take a break from my political punditry, overblown opines, meandering messages, etc., etc., etc. Instead, this space turns into a travel log where I’ll talk a bit about where I am and what I’m doing; and I usually post lots of pics.

The place where we are staying claims to have wi-fi, and if they’re right, then we’ll be good to go. If not, well, you’ll likely not hear from me till I return!




They sure do, B.D…. they sure do…




… it be here…

Only two more sleeps till Barbados!


Bottle drive!

Wondering what to do with all of those bottles that were merrily emptied over the holidays? Think no more… at least if you’re in Ottawa.

The Pleasant Park Public School Council is working hard to raise money to build a new play structure. And you can help!

Let us carry away your empty bottles. The money we collect for the returns will go toward the playground fund. Here’s all you have to do:

1. Send an email to to let us know you would like to donate your bottles. In the email, tell us the address where we can pick up the bottles.

2. On the morning of Monday, January 2nd, put the bottles out in your driveway or on your front porch. We will pick them up between 8 am and 2 pm.

Thanks mucho for your help…



Santa and a Venn diagram…


Thierry Henry? As a Gunner again?

Well, he is a Gunner for life for most Arsenal fans… BUT he could be making a short-term re-appearance with the club!

Arsène Wenger says that he will use the Christmas period to decide whether to re-sign Club legend Thierry Henry.

Arsenal’s all-time record goalscorer has been training with the Gunners during the MLS close season and could offer a short-term fix for Wenger when Marouane Chamakh and Gervinho depart for the Africa Cup of Nations.

I’ve watched him a few times in the MLS, and while he has perhaps lost half a step, he could still be very effective!

I say GO FOR IT, Arsène! RvP needs a rest once in while to stay healthy.




I was wrong about the snow.



The Hobbit!

Can’t wait!

I wonder if Will Ferrell makes an appearance as an Elf?


Does Harper really want to put…

… the woman’s right to choose on the table?

Certainly some in his caucus feel so.

As much as I would dearly LOVE to see the Harperites put this on the table, they just won’t do it. Harper is a lot of things (arrogant, micro-managing, narrow-minded, autocratic… I could go on…) but he IS politically astute and NOT stupid.

But hey! I also said that there was no way in Hell that they’d win a majority in May…