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Much to the chagrin…


… of the faith-based and evidence-challenged right!


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  1. RunnertheFirst says:

    Not sure what this post of yours is suppose to mean. However not all conservative thinkers are stuck in religion as a provider of answers or empirically challenged when it comes science.

    I kind of think that sort of rationalization on your part is a little insulting. Don’t like to use those kind of words with people I thought were above that type of thinking. But sometimes ya gots ta do what ya gots ta do.

    1. trashee says:

      I love to blog from my phone. In fact, it is usually the only time I am able to write something – on my phone on the bus. As such, sometimes, I truncate what I should say… don’t provide the context. Here is the context.
      Sitting happily (cuz it is the end of the day) and without my earbuds plugged in. Big mistake. I hear this conversation behind me between two guys that sorta went like this:
      “Hey, how about this weather? So much for those scientists who are running around screaming about the world ending and all”.
      Guy #2 – “yeah, well good thing that Harper is putting an end to those assholes at Environment Canada! Those scientists just want to make sure that foreigners are getting Canadian jobs. Fucking government leeches.”
      Guy #1 – “Yeah, I don’t get why everyone’s so pissed at the guy all the time. He’s doing what’s good for the country”…

      Or something like that. It went on like this for a while.

      So I was pissed off after hearing this and reacted by posting a pic implying that all on the right are a bunch of mouth breathers. And I apologize because that isn’t so.

    2. trashee says:

      I guess I’m human and just react now and then…

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