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… anyone wanna start a pool betting on the number of months till the West goes to war with Iran?

And with the full and eager participation of the Harper government, of course! After all, we’re wrapping things up in Afghanistan , Libya is a done deal, and the Belgians have done anything radical lately… and we, of course, HAVE to keep that war drum pounding!

I say… Next June…



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  1. “The West” won’t go to war with Iran because “The West” knows it would lose.

    In recent times it has already been shown that Iranians will fight to the last child. Western armies cannot take on such a foe. The images of soldiers killing women and children sucks all the wind out of it back home, but killing women and children is necessary in such a war.

    Thus, in going to war with Iran, they’d lose on the home front, and as a result will lose in the theatre of operations.

    1. trashee says:

      I disagree with you on this one, Squid dude. War is a perfect distraction from the economic shit storm that is happening in much of the world. Plus, Harper will likely make some cuts in Feb. that won’t go over too well with some folks… again, the need for a distraction.
      And the sabre-rattling coming from Iran doesn’t help matters, either.
      Before this time next year, there will be war with Iran. If i am wrong, I will buy you a coffee at Starbucks!

      1. trashee says:

        Or maybe you prefer Timmie’s?

        1. Second Cup actually 🙂

          I agree that war is a great distraction, but deliberately starting a war that you know from day 1 you will lose is just old-fashioned stupid.

          Harper is many things, but stupid is not one of them.

  2. Dave says:

    Harper is just trying to stimulate the economy in that lovable neo-con way of his. Rather than wasting money on infrastructure that can be used by all Canadians for decades we need neato planes and ships that go bang and lots of parades and stuff to remind us how courageous we can be.
    Why would anyone want to provide water treatment and housing to our native groups say, or drug reduction strategies when war is so much more fun and infinitely more photogenic.

    1. I wish I could live in your rose-coloured world where everything is unicorns and rainbows.

      Harper isn’t a neo-con. Canada doesn’t have neocons. At best we have some politicians who are a few microns right of centre. In the USA, Harper is still nearly a communist. By European standards, he’s slightly off-kilter to the right.

      Providing all that infrastrastructure won’t mean dick if we can’t defend it.

      1. trashee says:

        Honestly, he is a neo-con by Canuck standards. As for the infrastructure:
        1) defend it from whom? Iran or Syria or Yemen is going to attack us? Canada? No way.
        2) We desperately do need bridges, transit, roads, water treatment plants and sewage plants in this country. Listen to what the FCM is saying because they are dead-on.

        1. Defend it from anyone who would threaten it.

          I know it’s difficult for lefties to grasp, but there are people out there in the world who will mess with your cheese.

          Just because they haven’t done it yet, doesn’t mean they won’t do it tomorrow.

          If they do it tomorrow, you can’t be caught sitting around going “shit, we built all these roads, but don’t have money for guns. Now there’s terrorists operating in every major city, and the USA just rolled a division up to take the oil from Alberta. Lovely.”

          If you’d prefer that the US handle all things defence, that’s cool, but say so: cash in your Canadian passport and fly Old Glory.

          Aside from shooting people, the military is one of the best regional development projects in the country. It provides jobs and education to people in every region. The fact that very little of military business actually involves shooting at anyone is lost on so many people.

          The military shovels your snow (cough), bails your arse out of floods, keeps people safe when the prisons riot, saves your arse when you’re drunk on your boat in high seas on Lake Ontario, or lost in the wilderness up north.

          The military needs to be funded. They need equipment as much as we need any infrastructure. The military *IS* infrastructure. Without a capable military, we’re nothing on the world stage and hobbled at home. There’s a reason why every country in the world except Iceland has one.

          $1 billion spent on roads will line the pockets of some general contractor executives and employ a thousand people for a couple of years. It’s funny how people forget who the winners really are when it comes to spending on roads and bridges.

          $1 billion spent on the military will employ thousands of people for a decade, will educate and train them to be more effective workers when they leave and touch every aspect of people’s lives.

          1. trashee says:

            You are not speaking from an unbiased position and I appreciate that.
            Look, it is not the military that “lefties” are against, it is war. I despise war and every sane individual should.
            You speak of the billion lining the pockets of contractors… fair ’nuff. But you do not mention the tens of billions that line the pockets of defense contractors! Come on! You know as well as I that that is how it works! true, some will filter down to the ranks, but by and large investment in the military mostly befits those who provide products and service TO the military!

        2. Put more succinctly: If Canada is to be a player on the world stage, it needs to be able to back up its words.

          It is not enough to stand at the UN and complain that Spain and Portugal are overfishing our waters. It is necessary to back that up with a Navy that means business.

          It is not enough to claim sovereignty over the arctic. It is necessary to back that claim with a capable army and air force.

          Without a strong and capable military, we’re just desk-jockeys sending out strongly worded letters that have no value.

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