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Friday miscellany…

… double-decker edition…

Saw this piece by Lawrence Martin on a possible run by Dalton McGuinty for the leadership of the federal Grits.


Personally, I’d like to see his brother David take a run at it. David is a fine MP and has a keen sense of politics.

We’ll see how this all spins out…


Canterbury Christmas Craft Sale: Sunday, Nov.27th from 10 to 3 at the Canterbury Community Centre.

Be there!!!!


Leaf Nation: now is the time to go to and vote for your fave Bud! We really don’t want to see more than a bare minimum of Hab-nots and Schmens, now do we?


OK, it’s maybe not the most attractive part of Ottawa, but there are some thoughts being floated about radically re-developing Tunney’s Pasture – the place of work for thousands of Public Servants!

Fine, but even after the SOP process wipes out thousands of jobs, those who are left will have to work somewhere, right?



OK. Maybe I’m really childish, but it’s REALLY COOL riding upstairs on one of OC Transpo’s double-deckers! Wheeeee!!!!


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  1. Dave says:

    Can’t you just imagine Sun Media crying about a McGuinty at both the federal and provincial level. That said I think David wouldn’t rain on Dalton’s parade and Dalton is going to be a little busier than normal for the next little while trying to run a minority government.
    The fact is though neither of them or anybody on the horizon has the nastiness it will take to beat Harper. With majority you can be sure he’ll be in full attack mode on anyone that looks like the tiniest threat to his power.

    1. trashee says:

      OMG! Can you imagine Ezra’s furor?
      This is a long term project for we progressives. We know this.
      Seriously, I like David. I’ve met him, talked stuff, and he is an awesome riding MP. I’d support him in a second.

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing David McGuinty have a go at it.

    Dalton, however, is a moron… all he needs is a bit of corrective surgery to get the sloped forehead and unibrow.

    1. trashee says:

      I, however, don’t think that a leader who has won 3 successive elections is a moron. He is doing something right. Or smart.

      1. I don’t think he’s done anything right. People vote for him for 3 reasons only:

        1. Memories of his father.
        2. People are stupid: He lies like no other politician in recent times and people are stupid enough to think that he’ll follow up on the next thing he says.
        3. His opponents seem to be worse.

        Ordinarily, I really would agree with you on your point, but in this case, no way. Dalton is, in essence, the luckiest man in Ontario. He’s in the right place at the right time. The first opposition party that can cobble together a passable leader will get the Daltonites dumped out to the curb faster than a Liberal at a PC rally.

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