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November 16th, 2011:

Another reason why I won’t subscribe to the Ottawa Citizen…

How is this news???? Tell me! Please!!!

Seriously? This is People Magazine stuff. Not journalism. Who cares who is dating whom?

Eyebrows were raised at the Gold Medal Plates culinary event in Ottawa on Monday when the prime minister’s former director of communications, Dimitri Soudas, showed up with a surprise date.

Soudas was accompanied by rookie Conservative MP Eve Adams, of Mississauga — Brampton South.

Apparently, the two began dating several weeks ago, well after they both separated from their respective


Gee Glen, what was she wearing? Was Dimitri beaming with joy?

What tripe!


Is it within a municipality’s…

… jurisdiction to forbid Christmas music before December 1?

How about exterior lights?

Hey Ottawa? How about it?

Yeah, yeah, I’m an old atheist Grinch… I know, I know… but seriously, I don’t recall seeing it anywhere in the Bible that music and decorations had to be out in November! C’mon people! Get real!