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November 8th, 2011:

With flu season…

…. comes moron season..

Why, oh, why do peeps buy into this?

Vaccinations are good. Not getting your kids vaccinated is tantamount to child abuse, people. Believe science, not hocus pocus!!!!


Stooopid stuff du jour

This is crazy. Stupid. And a whole bunch of other words I won’t use here.

Seriously. Have you ever heard of such idiocy? Wait! Yes, I have! Those who think that vaccines cause autism! THEY are just as moronic!
Wait again…. think you that the pox pop mouth breathers and the anti vacciners are one and the same… hmmm.


Hey! Occupy peeps! No, I don’t think you’re stooopid… your beefs are legit and your means have eventually gotten the long overdue attention of the MSM, but…. winter is coming, and if you don’t pack up your tents soon, you will regret it. And I will at that point label you too as stooopid.


Our PM is taking his stooopid pills again, I see… likely borrowed some from Monsieur Stooopid Extraordinaire Polievre… by trying to bully the non ReformCon govs in Ontario and Quebec into paying for his stooopid and wasteful crime bill!

Don’t back down, Dalton and Jean!!

Apologies to all the Greeks and Italians out there, but Greece and now Italy are looking stooopider by the day! Have they turned on a stooopidfier ray gun in the Region?

Papandreou and his on again off again referendum and now Berlusconi losing his majority!! These guys had better get their respective acts in gear before their ineptitude begins to affect the rest of us!