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November 2nd, 2011:

Movember – continued… and as a bonus – a good belly laugh!

Well, I went and did it… I shaved off my beloved goatee. My companion of the past 11 years. My defense against frostbite. My soup-catcher. My…

Aw hell, it was just hair, Trashy! Get a hold of yerself!

Anyhow, I did make the leap and am participating in the Movember campaign to raise funds for prostate cancer research. Cancer sux. ALL cancers suck and each of us knows someone – family, friends, colleagues – who have been affected by this insidious killer. So if we can raise a few bucks to go toward some solid science that may someday make prostate cancer and ALL cancers a thing of the past… well, where do I sign up?

So here’s the pitch: I’m setting a modest goal of $500 for myself and $1000 for my team. If you wish to donate to me individually or to the team (Mo EASD), click on this link. It’s really simple and any little bit helps.


Now back to our regularly scheduled blog posts….

The Belly Laugh of the Day

This really had me ROTFL!

Straying from his normally composed and collected delivery, U.S. Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry larded a 23-minute speech to New Hampshire conservatives with facial contortions, wisecracks and words like “dude” and “awesome” on Friday.

It was just the latest in a string of goof-ups, including a campaign appearance the same day where he tried to slag the burgeoning Occupy movement by quoting a Toronto activist mentioned in a Globe and Mail story. Unbeknownst to Perry, however, the article was a satire and the activist, a fiction.

Video of both incidents has gone viral. Perry’s bizarre speech has rightist American publications speculating whether the Texas governor was intoxicated, and whether the incident will derail his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination like Howard Dean’s 2004 run for the Democratic nod was scuttled by his emphatic peroration at a rally in Iowa.

Once considered a top contender for his party’s candidacy, Perry has seen his poll numbers dwindle in the last two months following a series of widely criticized debate performances. In Iowa, the first state to hold a primary or caucus in the presidential electoral cycle, the latest poll has him in fifth place, well behind Georgia businessman Herman Cain and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

Against these assorted morons and incompetents that the GOP is trying to disguise as legitimate leadership contenders, Mitt Romney will be the 2012 candidate. There will be a third candidate supported by the Tea Party nincompoops and Obama will cruise into a second term.

Money. In. The. Bank.