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November, 2011:

And with December…

…Comes Xmas and Xmas fanatics…

You know ’em. They started putting up lights in October and have been counting down to the 25th through Facebook updates since Labour Day!


Yes folks, tomorrow is indeed the first of December, so all of the Xmas crap will move into hyperdrive. Buy this! Buy that! Sale! Sale! Sale!

Deck the halls with boughs of money!


Oh well, I’ll focus on our trip on the 30th and maybe the next 26 days will be over before I know it!l


OMG… but sorta what I expect….

… And if a school in the OCDSB did this, I’d go ballistic!

Yoga pants? Really? Seriously? Have we wandered into a wormhole and ended back up in 1950’s Georgia?


Man, get your head in the game! The Ottawa Catholic School Board is NOT doing its students any favours here…

Almost as bad as that Toronto school that banned balls in the schoolyard… sheesh! Though they have back off from this somewhat – to their credit.



Much to the chagrin…


… of the faith-based and evidence-challenged right!


From the Stephen Harper Colouring Book…



… anyone wanna start a pool betting on the number of months till the West goes to war with Iran?

And with the full and eager participation of the Harper government, of course! After all, we’re wrapping things up in Afghanistan , Libya is a done deal, and the Belgians have done anything radical lately… and we, of course, HAVE to keep that war drum pounding!

I say… Next June…



Friday miscellany…

… double-decker edition…

Saw this piece by Lawrence Martin on a possible run by Dalton McGuinty for the leadership of the federal Grits.


Personally, I’d like to see his brother David take a run at it. David is a fine MP and has a keen sense of politics.

We’ll see how this all spins out…


Canterbury Christmas Craft Sale: Sunday, Nov.27th from 10 to 3 at the Canterbury Community Centre.

Be there!!!!


Leaf Nation: now is the time to go to and vote for your fave Bud! We really don’t want to see more than a bare minimum of Hab-nots and Schmens, now do we?


OK, it’s maybe not the most attractive part of Ottawa, but there are some thoughts being floated about radically re-developing Tunney’s Pasture – the place of work for thousands of Public Servants!

Fine, but even after the SOP process wipes out thousands of jobs, those who are left will have to work somewhere, right?



OK. Maybe I’m really childish, but it’s REALLY COOL riding upstairs on one of OC Transpo’s double-deckers! Wheeeee!!!!


Slater Street …


… in Ottawa while atop one of OC Transpo’s ├╝ber-cool double deckers!



This won’t mean anything or matter…


…to anyone outside the NCR, but wow! Hasn’t the demolition of the old Gallery building on the corner of Albert and Elgin ever made a difference streetscape and skyline-wise? It has totally changed the look of the area!


Some would say that this is pretty…

…I’m not one of them…

Only 37 days till Barbados!!


Something I just don’t “get”…

… is why OC Transpo just doesn’t “get” why it has an image problem.

Put aside singing drivers, yelling drivers, drivers on phones, etc. for a sec and just consider scheduling. This should be fairly simple. After thousands of runs, you’d think that the gurus who work for Mr. Mercier should have a handle on the number of buses needed on a certain route at a certain time of the day. Furthermore, one would assume that when these same gurus alter a route that has the effect of removing about 50 percent of the buses along a given stretch, that they would increase the frequency of the remaining route to make up for the loss.

But no, I am writing this post on a jam-packed 148. Been jam-packed since the middle of Kilborn, in fact. Standing room only and yes, some have been left at the curb.

This should have been foreseen.

We can only hope that when the gurus go back to their data in planning the winter route changes that it will dawn on them that adding a run or two might go a bit of a way in keeping we paying riders a bit happier.