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So Rob Effing Ford is the worst person in the world?

Um, I dunno about that. There are worse. Yet Keith Olbermann thinks REF takes the gateau.

The U.S. television personality and political pundit mocked Mr. Ford on the “Worst Person in the World” feature of his CurrentTV show, which aired Oct. 28.

“The new conservative executive [of Toronto] has had a rough start, but never was it rougher than Monday,” Mr. Olbermann said.

But in the WORLD?

Maybe in Toronto. Or in Ontario. Or even Canada when Harper and his Cabinet are out of the country…

Naw, what about Robert Effing Mugabe? Kim Effing Jong-Il? Mahmoud Effing Ahmadinejad? Glenn Effing Beck? Sarah Effing Palin?

They’re worse, I’d wager. REF might be in the top ten though…

Here’s the vid:


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