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…just doesn’t get it.

When you are elected to public office – especially the Mayor of a major city – your civic responsibilities as Mayor usually take priority over your own personal priorities.

The glamour of the gridiron trumped the lure of the arts for the mayor. Press secretary Adrienne Batra confirmed Thursday afternoon that the mayor was attending the last game of the season for the football team he coaches, the Don Bosco Eagles.

I concede that the football game was likely a helluva lot more fun than a dreary awards ceremony – at least from where I’m standing.

But I’m not the Mayor of Toronto.


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  1. It’s not just “supporting a sports team” either. He’s the coach.

    So here’s the dilemma:

    – If he didn’t go to the game, the media and the blogosphere would write about what an ass he is abandoning his team in favour of some airy-fairy arts dinner. Plus he would have pissed of his team, and probably the league he’s in. By going to the game, he alienates people who don’t like him anyway.
    – If he went to the game, he comes off as anti-arts, but nobody much cares about that and for those who do, his lack of attendance probably won’t change their opinion about him anyway. He’ll piss off some arts afficiondos and will reinforce anyone looking for something to bitch about. By attending the arts thing, he alienates people who probably do like him.

    On the balance, I’d say that the worst scenario would have been to attend the arts thing.

    I think he made the well-thought and correct choice in this case.

    1. trashee says:

      As always, your reasoning is rock solid.
      My argument is that the reasoned solution in this case is not the responsible solution form a duty point of view.
      Stalemate, bud?

      1. Definitely a stalemate. This was a lose-lose situation for him.

        There also might have been a point. He may well be wanting to send the message that “we might have arts awards, but they’re not really something I will support politically”. Traditionally, fiscal conservatives aren’t big on arts spending.

        If I were to pick a snivel over this, I think he should have at least sent the deputy mayor instead of some random councillor.

        1. In the interest of full disclosure, I generally do not support public funding of the arts. The arts should exist on their own merit, not on the largesse of the taxpayer.

          Would that mean we’d have less “arts”? Absolutely, but I am certain that the stuff we’d have left would be much better than the best we have now.

  2. Dave says:

    I have no particular use for the troglodyte the good citizens of Toronto elected mayor but really the guy has to be able to choose where he goes and where he doesn’t. I’m sure as mayor he gets invited to more events than he can possibly attend. I’m also sure that he is a narrow minded non artistic, non intellectual, boor, but to chastise a mayor because he supports a teen football team rather than an arts awards show is not really fair. And in his case I suspect his preference for sports over anything “finer” plays right into the mind set of those who elected him in the first place. More to the point though is did the city government send someone influential to represent themselves at the award show. That is what councilors, deputy mayors, city managers etc do everywhere in Canada.

    1. trashee says:

      But he doesn’t get to choose where he goes and where he doesn’t. That’s part of the gig. And he accepted that once he filed his nomination papers. If you win, you lose a lot of the freedom you had before.

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