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Friday miscellany: 1,000 posts later…

Yup, this is my 1,001st post on this blog. Kind of a milestone, don’t you think? Or maybe a millstone if you think that most of what I write is crap!

How many words might that be? Figger an average of 300 words of so per post… 300,000ish… lotsa keystrokes.

Yay, me

Anyhow, I do hope that you have found at least some of the last 1,000 pieces of mindless meanderings to be a tad humourous, or informative, or thought-provoking… or have pissed you off.  I have sure as hell enjoyed writing each and every one of them.

Now, go ahead and stick around for the next thou, OK?



Giant Book Sale is tomorrow starting at 9 am! If you’re in Ottawa, it is definitely worth a look-see!


OCTranspo says that things are going to get worse before they get better?

Well, that’s a great way to encourage ridership!

Speaking of transportation…


A “road diet”…

A road diet tries to fix urban arterial roads that were mis-widened to four lanes in the 60′s-80′s in a vain attempt to handle more traffic, but which blighted the neighborhoods along the road instead. A three lane configuration – one through lane in each direction, plus a two-way centre turn lane – can usually handle the same volume of traffic, safer.


If you have kids – something to do BEFORE the book sale if you want to arrive later to scoop up the bar-goons!

Cineplex Entertainment, Canada’s largest motion picture exhibitor, is offering free movies and discount snacks Saturday at theatres across Canada. All proceeds from the chain’s first National Community Day will be donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation, a national non-profit organization with a mandate to improve the quality of life for seriously ill children and their families. Starlight pins will also be available for a $2 donation. The community-appreciation events will be staffed by Cineplex volunteers. The films have been donated by Warner Bros. Canada. Doors open at 8: 30 a.m., with screenings beginning at 9 a.m. and shortly thereafter. Titles include Yogi Bear (3-D), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 (3-D), Green Lantern, Happy Feet, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (3-D) and Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. For a complete listing of movies, local theatres and showtimes, visit


Sadly, this is too late for the Ottawa lad who had been the subject of such merciless bullying, that he took his own life.

Bullying sux and bullies are cowards.

CHEO, the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group and the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) would like to invite parents in the community to a free information session that will address suicide, depression and bullying.
This session will be held this coming Tuesday, October 25, 2011 from 7 -9:30 p.m. at Sir Robert Borden High School (131 Greenbank Road). Parking is Free.
Our community, like many others, is struggling with these issues. Parents have many questions and need guidance. In this evening event, experts from CHEO and The Royal will discuss suicide prevention, bullying, depression and sexual identity. The event will include break out sessions to allow for more in-depth discussions and a question and answer period.
Representatives from other community partners who help children, youth and families cope with these difficult issues will also be present to discuss the services they offer.
Advanced registration is recommended and you can register on the CHEO website by going to the following link:

For more information please see the following OCDSB weblink:

Last night I had a wee bit of the hottest freakin’ pepper I’ve ever had! NO IDEA what I did (I grew it) to make it so deadly!


This is pretty cool. Too bad they’re available only  in the States for now.



So, Gaddafi is dead. And he was a bad guy who did bad things to good people. I get that and it’s probably not a bad thing that he no longer has a heartbeat, but…

Why the barbarism in the way he was treated after death? I am reminded of the way the body of an American soldier was dragged through the streets of Mogadishu a while back  Have we not as a species evolved beyond that?

I guess not.

The man deserved his due. As did Hussein and bin Laden, but did not even they deserve a private death?

Mark Lawson of the Guardian says:

The most significant (and probably irresistible) change, however, is that the dissemination of contentious images has now largely left the desks of editors and regulators. Symbolically and crucially, the footage of Gaddafi’s capture and assault was shot not by a crew but by a crowd on cellphones. TV or newspaper editors who ethically decide to bin the most distressing images know, unlike their predecessors, that the views will be generally available elsewhere and that curiosity will draw a large part of the audience there.

But the risk is the development of a culture of death porn. For me, as a simple moral position, Gaddafi merits as much privacy in his final extremities as did his victims in the Lockerbie bombing: a germane example from the past of a time when the media by common consent suppressed horrific images in the cause of taste and privacy.

I think that we are leaving a bit of our sense of decency behind…



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