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Can we be annexed by Australia?


Because their PM has balls (figuratively).

More balls than our guys…


Of course, Steve probably curtsied. And Peter shurely did!

The queen should be shown the same degree of respect as anyone her age. No more and no less. She is no different from any one of us except for the luck of birth.

Vive la republique canadienne!




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  1. Conrad says:

    Balderdash! By virtue of some people’s position, there is a certain protocol to be observed in their presence. A head of state, royalty, the pope, your mother, your boss, people you work with from foreign countries, etc. You may not like them and you can disagree with who and what they are, but if you choose to be in their presence or are obligated to by virtue of your own position, then it’s only polite to observe the protocol. We have to do a lot of things in our daily lives out of politeness and respect (however unwarranted). That makes us civilized. You wouldn’t go slap Obama on the back and say “how’s it hangin'” I think it was rude not to curtsey for the Queen.

    1. trashee says:

      I’ll see your balderdash and raise you a hum-bug!
      Look, I’m all for respect, but not subservience… and THAT is what a curty or a bow to royalty represents. If the Queen were to curtsy back, then no problem…

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