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Cherry gets humble?

… not a frickin’ chance!

So Big Don says sorry for calling a few ex-NHLers “pukes”… big whoop! And now commentators and Tweets and
Letters to the Editor are all a-gummy about this! “Takes a big man to say sorry” “Cherry eats humble pie” – this crap is everywhere!

Well, NO! I’m sorry, but it does not take a big man to apologise. Nothing big or heroic about it. Apologies should be made when needed. If I wrong someone, I’m not going to go around with my chest pumped out touting what a brave act I just performed. We say sorry when we screw up and want to acknowledge the screw-up… it is the “right” thing to do… not the “big” thing to do.

Plus, and maybe this is the “black helicopter” side of me talking, but didn’t this whole sham stink a bit too much? Think about it. Guys like Cherry need to have attention focused on them at all times; kinda like my 4 year old. And he hadn’t been in the spotlight for a while… begging the question: was this whole farcical act contrived?

Yeah… I know, black helicopters… but ya have to admit that it does make a bit of sense.

Thanks to Montreal Simon for the image…


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  1. Jeff51 says:

    Apology or not it’s time for him to go.

    Please read and sign this petition if you want Don Cherry off the Coach’s Corner..and tell your friends!

    Almost 800 sigs in a week and counting…

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