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Life and death in the digital age…


An Ottawa-area woman live streamed the birth of her third child early Sunday.

Nancy Salgueiro, a chiropractor and childbirth educator, gave birth to a six pound, 10 ounce boy at 3:18 a.m.

Ms. Salgueiro posted on her Facebook page that she is still deciding on the spelling of her new son’s name.

And death….

Personally, I like the url on the tombstone thing. I’m already thinking about designing my own casket with a HD TV on the inside of the lid looping the last leaf Cup win over and over for all eternity…

And yes – ye doubters, I realise that this might be the ’67 win that we’re talking about.

But in any case, why not live stream a birth… ain’t nothing any parent hasn’t seen before!

And why not have a website on the marker? It would be a lot more descriptive than the usual birth and death dates!!!

Here rests Trashy

Check out for the latest updates

And if there are updates… be very, very afraid!


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