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Irony, thy name is Johnny…

Or Steve…This article on the MotherCorp site is all about Ukraine’s imprisonment of the main Opposition Party leader… and how the PM is a tad worried about it.

But this is the line that had me rolling on the floor laughing:

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Tuesday Canada was troubled by the prison sentence.

“The apparent political bias and arbitrary prosecution in this and other cases hamper Ukraine’s democratic development,” he said in a release. “A legitimate and active opposition is a vital part of a vibrant and effective democracy.”

Seriously, Johnny? After all you and your narrow-minded party have done to portray the opposition parties as baby-eating, lying, thieving, Canada-hating Communists? You are actually recognising that opposition CAN be legitimate and SHOULD be active???

Wow! You were either drunk when you said this or you have had a moral awakening!



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