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Friday miscellany…

Why is it that when things are a little quiet on the political front, the extreme rightists feel the need to string up the CBC like a piñata and wail away on it like a sugared-up 7-year-old? Are they really that angry??? Have they nothing more deserving toward which to direct their fury?

Seriously, this manhandling of the poor old MotherCorp pops up every few weeks or so in the Twitterverse and the right-wing blogoverse. They won the election, right? They and the talking yabs on the Hill can pretty much do what they want to the CBC – and they likely will in order to throw a proverbial bone to their base. So why the constant abuse?

Me, I think there’s a bit of broadcaster envy going down here. The über right has seen the best that they can do with the Ezra and Spun News thing and are a tad embarrassed. So what better response than a good swing of the stick with an awesome follow through, eh? It’s the CPC Way!


High level baseball back to Ottawa? This story has been brewing for a while now, so it may have some truth behind it…

An Ottawa Councillor has been actively trying to get a Double A baseball franchise relocated to the stadium on Coventry Road.

I hope it works but a part of me wonders why bother? Ottawa couldn’t support a Triple A franchise (The Lynx) and they left town, so what’s different this time???


When you piss me off, I’ll tend to ignore you. Been like that since I was a kid and haven’t changed much. This applies to social media like Twitter, Facebook or my this blog. There are lines in the sand that, if crossed, will cause me to send you to an electronic Elba.

If you insist on tossing f-bombs and personal attacks at me, I’ll block you / unfriend you.  If you throw out an incredibly stupid statement and I come back at ya and call you on it… but hear nothing back.. *poof* *gone*. Say anything racist or hateful… gonzo…

I mention this as I have had to block a few folks on Twitter lately. I have no problem with you having issues with what I say, re-Tweet, etc., but be prepared to be civil. K?


Holy chemical-laden bus interior, Batman! That’s twice this month when someone has plunked down close to me smelling of mothballs! I KNOW peeps are pulling out winter woolies, but can’t ya wash ’em before wearing ’em? I don’t walk around covered in Round-up, so YOU shouldn’t be prancing your pesticides around wither!


Sooo… it looks as though the world isn’t going to end anytime soon... at least not as a result of being hit by that “Doomsday” comet that some folks have been fretting about…

One theory claimed Elenin would set off havoc on Earth after aligning with other heavenly bodies, spurring massive earthquakes and tsunamis. Another held that Elenin was not a comet at all, but in fact a rogue planet called Nibiru that would bring about the end times on Earth. After all, the comet’s name could be taken as a spooky acronym: “Extinction-Level Event: Nibiru Is Nigh.”

Those ideas were pure nonsense, Yeomans said.

“Elenin was a second-rate, wimpy little comet that never should have been noted for anything, really,” he told “It was not even a bright one.”

Wimpy comet! Go home to your Momma!


Wow. They’re lined up at the Rideau Centre for the new iPhone. And have been all night, it seems.

Um. Why? Nothing better to do? I have a garage that needs cleaning, if you have some time? I mean, c’mon people! I want to upgrade from my 3s to the new 4s too! But I sure as hell am NOT gonna line up for it overnight! It’s not like Springsteen or U2 tickets are at stake! Sheesh!



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  1. I don’t understand the phone thing. It’s a fucking phone. Why would anyone line up for one? You wait 3 or 6 months and the price comes down, plus all the bugs are worked out.

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