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Following up on my Don Cherry rant..

From Ken Gray’s blog…

Facebook friend Jean-Pierre Allard commented on my blog post Don Cherry Must Go Because of Latest Outrage. To read the post with the original and infamous Don Cherry Coach’s Corner segment on hockey violence, click here:

“Not sure our otherwise fine country could ever recover (without Cherry) as there will be no more violence in hockey, no more hatred for anything that’s not PURE K-TOWN, no more shameful plugs for becoming a senator via suffocating rah-rahring of our troops, no more cross-dressing on the state-sponsored TV, no more votes by otherwise balanced citizens for Donald La Cerise as The Greatest Canadian Ever.”

Yeah. It would be mighty tough to go without the directionless and troglodyte droolings of a has-been from the last century. Real tough…


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  1. Jeff51 says:

    Please read and sign this petition if you want Don Cherry off the Coach’s Corner..and tell your friends!

    1. trashee says:

      You betcha! And I’ll go one further and promote this as much as I can!

  2. Dave says:

    Cherry”s comments are to be expected from a man who makes a fortune with his rockem sockem videos.
    They are accepted by a league that feels it’s success in the great US of A depends on marketing itself as similar to pro wrestling on ice.
    The CBC refuses to leash him because the ratings might suffer and we all know the only true measure of anything is its profitability.

    It’s too bad more people will have to suffer life long debilitating injury and harm in order to keep this little industry going for the few that make lots of money at it but it is a price we should all be willing to bear.

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