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October 12th, 2011:

Canadian Brownies and Guiding…

… what an enlightened organization!

Let me explain…

My youngest daughter wanted to join our local Brownies Chapter – largely because one of her best buds was into it. And given why I knew about it, it would be a good fit for her and her personality. Yet, I have had some issues with organizations like the Brownies, Scouts, etc. 1.

I do recognise that they can provide some young people with valuable life experiences in a positive setting. And I also recognise that these groups can help to instill strong senses of community in their participants. A trait that is often absent in many of our young.


It (Scouting / Guides movement) was originally designed as a gender-segregated youth training, focussed on physical, mental, and spiritual development. As it was founded in the predominantly Christian times back in 1907 (when non-sectarian was the closest equivalent to modern secularism), everyone was assumed to pledge allegiance to God (and to the monarchy in the British/Commonwealth countries).

And therein lay the problem. I had THOUGHT that this pledge was still in place (I admit that I haven’t been following the issue very closely) and was going to nuke the idea… but I was wrong (gasp)!

Here is the pledge:

No God. No Queen. No problem.

And for the record… in case some of you think that her Mom didn’t have the same concerns… she did. I am but a small and often insignificant voice in our household…

And check this out…The Guiding Law gives some universal good traits that we should all remember.. and without the God and Queen stuff:

  • be honest and trustworthy
  • use my resources wisely
  • respect myself and others
  • recognize and use my talents and abilities
  • protect our common environment
  • live with courage and strength
  • share in the sisterhood of Guiding

Nothing wrong there!

After a scant bit of research, I learned that this was quite a debate within the Guiding community only a few years back. Good to see that good sense and 21st century rational thinking won out!

Now if we can only find a way to get the same out of out publicly funded education system!

1. Yes, I have issues with lots of things, don’t I?


Following up on my Don Cherry rant..

From Ken Gray’s blog…

Facebook friend Jean-Pierre Allard commented on my blog post Don Cherry Must Go Because of Latest Outrage. To read the post with the original and infamous Don Cherry Coach’s Corner segment on hockey violence, click here:

“Not sure our otherwise fine country could ever recover (without Cherry) as there will be no more violence in hockey, no more hatred for anything that’s not PURE K-TOWN, no more shameful plugs for becoming a senator via suffocating rah-rahring of our troops, no more cross-dressing on the state-sponsored TV, no more votes by otherwise balanced citizens for Donald La Cerise as The Greatest Canadian Ever.”

Yeah. It would be mighty tough to go without the directionless and troglodyte droolings of a has-been from the last century. Real tough…