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October 8th, 2011:

I HAD to try this!


Tastes a bit like Keiths.


A piece of dung…

… has more sense than Don Cherry.

And it likely smells better too.

I have already expressed my opinion on the fool, so I don’t need to repeat myself (too much). But his latest tirade supporting hockey violence and calling out those who oppose it is yet another example of the degree to which this moron has outlived his best before date.

And it us also an example of how spineless the MotherCorp execs truly are. By not censuring what Cherry said on HNIC regarding hockey violence, enforcers, mental illness and substance abuse, they have shown themselves to be as big a fool as the guy in the tasteless attire.

I am a CBC supporter most of the time, but in this matter I am disgusted.

Wake up spineless ones! Get rid of this self aggrandizing buffoon!


How close were we?

… in our election predictions?

Final count:

OLP: 53 (37%)

PCO: 37 (35%)

ONDP: 17 (23%)

Now to compare the predictions:

Conservative-leaning Twitter bud @RunnertheFirst on the popular vote:

Now for the fun part. Based on past history of the pollsters I will predict LPO at between 36-38%, PCPO at 34-36% and the ONDP at 24-26% of the popular vote on election day.

As he pointed out in a comment on the original post, he nailed it.

And yes, he should open up a polling firm!

Squid-dude’s prognostication (seats):
Um. Not quite. I think this was more a case of wishful thinking… I wonder if he used some cephalopod ink in his tea leaves?

And me?

Timmie Hudak and his merry band of tax fighters and gravy finders have managed to totally screw things up for the PCs. Yes, they have projected the wrong messages in the wrong way. And yes, they have alienated many in their own party… BUT… they will still win 30+ seats. Maybe as high as 35. However, the real threat to the Libs at this point is that lingering “Layton effect”. I think that some soft Grit supporters will switch to the Dippers once the ballot is in front of them. And this will lead to some NDP gains in some close ridings (i.e., Ottawa Centre). So I see the NDP in the 25-30 range while the Liberals will limp out with a minority government with 45-50 wins..

Well, I overestimated the NDP vote but was pretty close with the Grits and Hudakians…

Soooo…. the winner is @RunnertheFirst… congrats Allan! I’ll buy you a pint the next time you’re in town (I think I already owe you one).