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October 5th, 2011:

Hey Mr. Jobs!




Great week for an election….

…and golf!

It really is October, right?

I wonder if any researcher has ever run a statistical analysis of the correlation between weather conditions on E Day and the success rate of incumbents?




Holy ozone, Batman!

So the ozone layer over the Arctic wasn’t really, uh, “there” earlier this year. And that’s a bad thing, boys and girls, because this very thin layer of our atmosphere protects we mere humans from harmful solar radiation. And maybe even aliens. The mean kind. With ray guns.

Of course, the Harper Government is all over this…

The discovery of the “unprecedented” hole comes as the Canadian government is moving to reduce staff in what Environment Minister Peter Kent calls the “streamlining” of its ozone monitoring network.

Environment Canada scientist David Tarasick, whose team played a key role in the report published Sunday in the journal Nature, is not allowed to discuss the discovery with the media.

Environment Canada told Postmedia News that an interview with Tarasick “cannot be granted.” Tarasick is one of several Environment Canada ozone scientists who have received letters warning of possible “discontinuance of job function” as part of the downsizing underway in the department.

This is really big news … just don’t talk about it!

Maybe the Harperites are funnelling the saved money from the discontinued montoring programs to measure the gaping hole between Peter Kent’s ears?

Check out what happpens in March: