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Ontario PCs stabbing each other with glee…

When I was a municipal pol back in the day, I didn’t have a whole lot of use for MPP Eves, but he did watch out for his constituents – much like Norm Sterling did.

So it is a shame that Hudak’s right-hand hick man sees it fit to slam one of their own…

BTW – how can such a moron have 1921 friends?


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  1. Terry C says:

    Tony looks after us.. I’ve stopped at the gazebo a few times on my bike. I’m not happy as a “Cons”. It is a nice gazebo though..
    Yes, John, a huge waste of our money. Are any of the parties better than the other? NO

    1. trashee says:

      It is a nice gazebo, Terry. Very nice. I dropped by a took some pics of it two summers ago and posted them on this site.
      I would like a gazebo too! But since my riding (wisely) keeps sending Grits to The Hill and Queen’s Park, I’m not holding my breath for one!

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