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Le “débat”…

Gee, these so-called debates are becoming more and more irrelevant with each passing election.

Really now, because of the long period of time that Ontarians have had to cast their ballots (great idea, BTW… it’ll be interesting to see if the turnout is bumped up) and the lateness of the debate AND that these things are so incredibly tightly scripted… Well, c’mon, what’s the point?

And let’s face it, the only folks who tune into these charades – or attend the local versions – are those who have pretty much already made up their minds (if they haven’t yet voted).

Yet the pundits are out there this morning declaring that one side won or the other side won. And of course they will. They are either paid to do so or are fiercely partisan.

In reality, after watching the puppets rail against each other, no one “won”. McGuinty simply had to show up and look and sound somewhat “leaderlike” : which he did. And Hudak just had to pretend to be smarter than really is, and not drool too much: mission accomplished there too.  I guess Randy stayed home. And the Dipper CEO had to come across as someone less loony than the conservative pundits and media have claimed. And she was successful too.

So yup, ask yourself if that orchestrated sideshow last night made any difference whatsoever.

Didn’t think so. The Leaders’ time would have been better spent on doorsteps.


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  1. Dave says:

    Which shows one more time why we should be voting for an giving more power to our local candidates rather than seeing only the leaders. Of course as we americanize our system more and more we are getting less and less of the local. Thank god we now have predetermined election dates so the comercials can be started early enough.

  2. Jim Marshall says:

    Which begs the question, why do politicos consistently canvass residential neighbourhoods from 9am-5pm when most of us are at work? Perhaps it’s because they prefer to knocks on the doors of empty houses where they don’t have to answer potentially difficult questions (like – what’s your platform in this election) and it is so much easier just to leave those intellectually-stimulating door knob hangers on your front door.

    That’s my rant for the day!

    1. trashee says:

      I’ll take that one, Jim.
      As someone who did a fair bit of canvassing last Fall, I can attest that there are indeed a lot of peeps home at that time. A lot. More than you think. Plus, while you will get more home after 5pm, they are almost certainly to be too busy with dinner, kids, activities, shovelling the driveway, mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, etc., etc. to talk to you. And they’re grumpy.
      I found I was most successful making contact on weekends and weekday afternoons… but was only able to leave lit at other times.
      But seriously – is there ANY time that a householder wants to talk to a politico? Except for hacks like me who love this stuff, likely not.

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