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A question for my military and ex-military friends…








Do you think that Natynczyk should or shouldn’t fully or partially reimburse the government for using military aircraft for personal purposes?

Some of these flights were to attend armed forces appreciation events, and some were not (like the Caribbean holiday).

CTV has reported that Gen. Natynczyk has spent nearly $1.5-million since 2008 flying on the Challengers to professional hockey and football events celebrating the Forces, to fundraisers for soldiers and to St. Martin for the Caribbean holiday.

For instance, figures released by the Defence Department indicate it cost $23,231.30 to fly the general to Toronto from Ottawa in January, 2009, to attend a Canadian Forces appreciation night at a Maple Leafs game.

I am truly curious to hear your thoughts on this.


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  1. Evolving Squid says:

    As a former soldier, I have no problem with him using the Challenger jet for business. When he flies himself or his family on vacations and other little junkets, he should pay up… He is the highest paid soldier and flying his family around for free makes him look like an entitlement-minded ass.

    I have actually met Walt Natynchuk when he was much lower in rank 🙂

  2. RunnertheFirst says:

    The General is the Chief of Defence Staff. Canada has and has had a number of soldiers in foreign lands in harms way. Afghanistan for the most part and more recently in Libya.

    Bob Fife is reporting on his use of government planes, with one exception, for official appearances. The General does not travel alone. I expect four or five of his staff accompany him everywhere he goes. Security staff probably account for another four or five. Picture this if you will, Fife lacks the imagination to do so, a crisis occurs in Afghanistan requiring the Generals immediate attention and his physical presence. The General and staff/security are milling about in a commercial waiting room when the call come in. His flight is not for another two hours because of the check-in requirements and he cannot carry out highly sensitive discussions with defence staff over the phone in a public place. Fife would have our soldiers and airmen die while waiting for decisions. Personally I think Fife is just filled with envy.

    The bottom line is I have no problem with certain key individuals having access to government jets. This would include the Prime Minister, major cabinet portfolios, Chief of Defence Staff, the head of CSIS and the head of the RCMP.

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