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Just askin’…

But, is there anyone out there who has flown in the past 50 yrs who does not know how to fasten their seatbelt prior to take off?

AND, is there anyone out there who has flown in the past 20 yrs who needs to be reminded that “for your comfort, this is a non-smoking flight”?

AND, why do airlines give out incredibly salty snacks? KNOWING that salt makes passengers thirsty and KNOWING that the fluids have to come out not long after, THUS creating line ups for the lavatory???

Can someone enlighten me?


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  1. CanNurse says:

    Trashy – Loved this post! Because I’ve had the same questions in my head every single time I’m on a plane. “This is HOW you fasten your seat belt.” “There are bathrooms at the front of the plane.” Please leave your seatbelt engaged at all times, even if the “seatbelt” sign is not on. etc. etc. Ad NAUSEUM!! And the poor Flight attendants who have to do this 18000 times & look happy about it!! Drives me Nutz!
    I often think next it will be our cars. Every time we start them, they won’t go into DRIVE until a whole spiel comes on about SeatBelts, Cell phones, emergency procedures, etc. etc!
    As for the lawyers, couldn’t they just make it part of the contract you have with the airline when you fly – yes, you’ll do up your seatbelt,….
    Thanks for the affirmation! 😉

    1. trashee says:

      Thanks for the visit!
      I think the Squid dude has it correct – this is more an issue of avoiding litigation than mere safety… sigh…

  2. rww says:

    Might have something to do with the profit margin on those monopoly in flight liquids.

  3. All the assholes who would sue if they got hurt while not wearing their seatbelt, and all the bigger assholes who would light up butts if not explicitly told not to do so and then sue when a stink was made of it.

    Thank our litigious society for these stupid warnings.

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