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September 16th, 2011:

I fashionably DISAGREE, SIR!

 I take exception to the claim that ByTown peeps are among the worst-dressed in the world!

An article on MSN Travel’s website said Ottawa’s bureaucratic, political stylings made it “perhaps the least sexiest city in Canada.”

“Men sport the same boring navy suits that hang like shapeless curtains across their shoulders, women choose sensible shoes, sedate colours and are unremarkably respectable, and everyone is just so ‘matchy matchy,'” wrote Vivian Song.

Balderdash! And haberdash, too!

I work with some serious clothes horses… and I proudly count myself – and my Beijing tailored wardrobe – among that group!

True, there are exceptions – and 99% of them work at Environment Canada and NRCan – but for the rest of us, style is key to success! Statisticians are especially attuned to what they wear. How indeed can one’s estimates of variance be taken seriously if one wears an ill-fitting suit?


My theory? Since you asked… and even if you didn’t, this is MY blog and I can pretend like someone is asking a question!

The MSN critics were here during the Con love-in after the election! Those regressives don’t have the faintest idea what fashion IS! Tweed jackets, fer Versace’s sake! Wool ties! Brown shoes with a circa 1985 Miami Vice “suit”.  Really?

I hope the critics come back once we kick out the Cons in a few years… we progressives have a far better fashion sense!

Have a great Friday night!