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Friday miscellany…

The Ontario election is underway. The latest Harris-Decima poll is somewhat encouraging, but it is early.

Yet,  11 points is significant.

Maybe that old Ontario tradition of going one way federally and the other provincially will hold true again.


The great debate: Is it “dinner” or “supper”?

I call it “dinner” but grew up knowing it as “supper”. Made the switch somewhere.

What do you call that meal that you have sometime during the early evening?


The NFL is back. Word.


Re: KHL tragedy. I will never, ever fly on a domestic airline of a country with a long history of corruption. Never.

Thoughts to the families and friends.

Should people whose butts do not fit on one seat on the bus (I am currently perched on 1/3 of a bus seat as I write this due to a rather, uh, wide load beside me) have to pay for two seats / double bus pass or fare?

I know. I’m being unfair.


Speaking of buses, I think OCTranspo is going to have to rethink some of their route changes. If Twitter talk is any indication, there are a lot of unhappy riders. Loads of hate! And that includes me to a degree. The 149 was rerouted to miss my area but another 148 or two is not added to make up the slack. This has resulted in very crowded buses and some unwanted changes to works schedules for some.

I’ll be sending a note to them shortly.

I’m hoping that the mandarins at OCTranspo will listen to constructive ideas for improvement.


Ward 18 Ottawa Councillor Peter Hume has been very helpful lately. First, he was very supportive in our daycare’s continuing effort to somehow slow down traffic on Russell Road.

Then, as you may remember from a previous post, he followed up on his promise to have the City designers draft a plan for the redesign or upgrading of Canterbury Park.

And, here it is!You can go to this website to register your comments if you are so inclined.


Finally, school is back in play so watch out for munchkins and yellow buses. Already saw one moron in a BMW blow past a bus with its lights flashing… Ee-dee-ot!

As a sidebar, why does it seem like the biggest assholes on the road drive Beemers? Something to do with the plush upholstery off-gassing in the interiors?



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  1. trashee says:

    Of COURSE you are on the side of the PC! No surprise there!

    BUT, the real question is: dinner or supper?

    And, what’s with BMW drivers?

    1. I wouldn’t say I’m on the side of the PC. It would be more accurate to say I’m not on the side of the Liberals or NDP.

      I feel coerced toward the PC for this provincial election. Forced by obvious, demonstrable Liberal incompetence.

      Oh, I’m about 75% dinner, 25% supper.

      BMW is an acronym for the German expression that means “very small penis”

  2. I’m going to stick to my PC guns on this one. The Liberals in Ontario have been a terribly incompetent government for the last 8 years. To make them look good, you have to compare them to the Rae NDP government.

    I don’t know if Hudak can do a good job, but I’m certain that McGuinty can’t.

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