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September, 2011:

How disgusting is this?


Never have seen one of these abominations before. Gotta run out and spend it on something I can flush down the toilet!


Ontario PCs stabbing each other with glee…

When I was a municipal pol back in the day, I didn’t have a whole lot of use for MPP Eves, but he did watch out for his constituents – much like Norm Sterling did.

So it is a shame that Hudak’s right-hand hick man sees it fit to slam one of their own…

BTW – how can such a moron have 1921 friends?


Yeah, paid a pretty penny for this…


…but I think it’ll be worth it!

Let y’all know tomorrow…


Right now, this guy has a shot at the Presidency…


Those crazy Americans! Ain’t they adorable?


Le “débat”…

Gee, these so-called debates are becoming more and more irrelevant with each passing election.

Really now, because of the long period of time that Ontarians have had to cast their ballots (great idea, BTW… it’ll be interesting to see if the turnout is bumped up) and the lateness of the debate AND that these things are so incredibly tightly scripted… Well, c’mon, what’s the point?

And let’s face it, the only folks who tune into these charades – or attend the local versions – are those who have pretty much already made up their minds (if they haven’t yet voted).

Yet the pundits are out there this morning declaring that one side won or the other side won. And of course they will. They are either paid to do so or are fiercely partisan.

In reality, after watching the puppets rail against each other, no one “won”. McGuinty simply had to show up and look and sound somewhat “leaderlike” : which he did. And Hudak just had to pretend to be smarter than really is, and not drool too much: mission accomplished there too.  I guess Randy stayed home. And the Dipper CEO had to come across as someone less loony than the conservative pundits and media have claimed. And she was successful too.

So yup, ask yourself if that orchestrated sideshow last night made any difference whatsoever.

Didn’t think so. The Leaders’ time would have been better spent on doorsteps.


Random question…

Why do some teenage boys wear ball caps with the stickers still on the brim?

Anyone? Is it a gang thing?

Just wondering…


Saudi women will gain right to vote… sort of… later…

But, of course, they’ll have to be driven to the polling stations.

Saudi King Abdullah announced on the weekend that Saudi women will be allowed to take part – vote and run for office – in the 2015 local elections.

Of course, they are still not allowed to drive. That would be way too much to expect, wouldn’t it?

Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, follows deeply conservative social traditions and adheres closely to a strict version of Islam. Despite Abdullah’s attempts to push through some social reforms, women still cannot drive and the sexes are segregated in public.

Saudi Arabia held its first-ever municipal elections in 2005.

The kingdom will hold its next municipal elections on Thursday, but women will not be able to vote or run in those contests.

So they’ll be able to vote, just not right away.

Sure, it is a tentative step into the 20th century (we’ll leave the 21st till another time, k?), but a step is a step, right?

I guess that the Saudis, like the rest of the Arab world, have been a wee bit offput buy all of the democracy stuff that has been breaking out in that part of the planet  lately and they figure that they had been at least have the appearance of addressing some of the popular concerns. This step is being taken out of fear of uprisings, certainly not due to some democratic awakening by the Saudi royal family, clerics and government.

But it’s a step, right? Progress?

Sure, but unfortunately, the men in Saudi Arabia won’t care too much for this “progressive” move and they, not the law, will determine whether or not their spouses, daughters, grand-daughters and nieces exercise their right to the franchise.

And does anyone really think that these men will allow this to happen? Some might, but most will not. No way.

But maybe, just maybe, twenty years from now will see an enlightenment among the estrogen-challenged citizens of Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the region and women will legally, freely and without fear exercise their democratic rights.

And maybe even be allowed to drive themselves to the polling stations.


Good vid that demontrates the powers of robust stats…

I particularly like the last paragraph on the BBC 4 site:

“…without statistics we are cast adrift on an ocean of confusion, but armed with stats we can take control of our lives, hold our rulers to account and see the world as it really is.”


Pleasant Park PS / Hawthorne PS used book sale!

Books needed


The bus-sized satellite crashed into my garden!

And it destroyed 2 tomato plants and some mint!

Who can I sue???