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One last, brief word about Mr. Layton…

Scores of Canadians are going to speak and write eloquently about Mr. Layton, and what – if any – legacy he will leave, and they will opine on this truly amazing week which culminated in the funeral this afternoon.

So I will not attempt to sum all of “this” up. I could not do it justice.

Yet I cannot help but express one single thought: I do truly hope with all of my being that if Mr. Layton did leave us with a lesson, it is that politics need not be mean, cynical and vindictive. I am not smugly and naïvely claiming that Mr. Layton was completely and always above that fray at all times… tough to pull that off when surrounded by it… but he did eschew the negativity of contemporary western politics whenever possible. He tried to rise above it. And most of the time, well, he did so.

In this blog, I have often written with dismay about the politics of cynicism and negativism and how this has supplanted reasoned debate as language of modern political and social discourse. These are politics that have polarised this country in so many sad ways and I fear will take decades to bring us closer together.

I can only wish that some of our leaders have been paying attention.

Thanks again, Mr. Layton.


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  1. John says:

    Well said!

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